Located at the tip of the Croatian peninsula of Istria, Pula is an ancient city enriched with Roman architecture. With its heart in the form of a stunning amphitheatre and Mediterranean charm, Pula is a journey back in time with a taste of modern life. Read more

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Famous for its well-preserved Roman monuments, Pula is the largest city on the Istrian peninsula. The Roman amphitheatre, one of the best preserved in the world, is the city's pulse, and regularly hosts concerts and film festivals. In addition, Pula is surrounded by beautiful nature and the azure Adriatic Sea, which attracts water sports enthusiasts and families. Although the city is modern, its historic centre and markets still have a traditional and authentic feel.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Pula

Roman Amphitheatre (Arena Pula)

A monumental structure that is one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world. Today it is used for cultural events, including concerts and film festivals.

Forum and Roman Temple

A Roman-era square with a temple dedicated to the first Roman emperor, Augustus.

Port of Fazana

A picturesque harbour with many restaurants where you can enjoy local Croatian cuisine and wine.

Brijuni National Park

A group of 14 small islands that are home to a variety of plants and animals, including rare species. The islands also have a golf course and a small safari.

Istrian Archaeological Museum

A museum that hosts a wide range of exhibits from different periods of Istrian history.

St. Francis Church and Monastery

A beautiful 13th century church and monastery where classical music concerts are held.


Pula and its surroundings offer a number of beautiful beaches, including Ambrela Beach and Hawaiian Beach, which are ideal for families and water sports enthusiasts.


This historic 17th century fortress offers spectacular views of the city and the sea.

Sergijevac Shopping Street

A popular shopping street with many shops, cafes and restaurants offering local products and souvenirs.

Verudela Underwater Park

This unique underwater park offers the opportunity to explore the underwater world directly from the shore.

What else to visit
In and around Pula

Rovinj (28.95 km)

Emerging from the Adriatic Sea like a majestic vision of the past, Rovinj is an enchanting town of cobblestone streets, Venetian architecture, and stunning coastal views.

Pazin (41.54 km)

Delve into the heart of Istria, where medieval tales come alive and natural wonders beckon. Pazin, the administrative center of Istria County, is a treasure trove of Croatian history, mystique, and stunning landscapes.

Poreč (44.46 km)

Poreč, perched along the Istrian peninsula's western coast, is a radiant mosaic of ancient Roman streets, pristine beaches, and a lively Adriatic spirit. Dive into its rich history while soaking up the sun.

Motovun (51.72 km)

An enchanting hilltop town where the essence of ancient Istria is preserved amidst cobbled streets and panoramic vistas. Overlooking the Mirna River valley, this medieval marvel is an architectural gem and a magnet for cultural enthusiasts.

Hum (55.72 km)

Opatija (62.62 km)

Opatija, an elegant resort on Croatia's Istrian Riviera, is a town of beautiful villas, parks and a long promenade along the sea. Its history as a luxury resort is still evident in its highly sophisticated atmosphere.

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