Akumal, with its name meaning "Place of Turtles" in Mayan, is a tranquil beachfront sanctuary where graceful sea turtles and tropical fish decorate the clear waters, creating a snorkeler's paradise. Read more

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Nestled in the heart of Mexico's Riviera Maya, Akumal is a coastal retreat famed for its beautiful beaches and abundant marine life. Unlike its more bustling neighbors, this small town offers a respite from the crowd, with a pace that encourages you to stop and appreciate the natural beauty. Akumal's bays are natural havens for sea turtles, and snorkeling here often guarantees an up-close encounter with these gentle creatures in their native habitat. The vibrant coral reefs are teeming with colorful fish, making it an underwater haven for divers and snorkelers alike. Beyond the beach, Akumal's eco-friendly approach to tourism is evident in its conservation efforts and sustainable practices, which aim to protect the fragile ecosystems and the wildlife that depend on them. The town itself is dotted with a selection of charming restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries, all of which embody the laid-back spirit of this coastal enclave. Those venturing into the surrounding areas will find mystical cenotes, Mayan ruins, and lush jungles, all within easy reach. Akumal is more than just a destination; it's a reminder of the gentle balance between nature and human enjoyment, a place where you can unwind under the palm trees or float in the calm sea, always in good company with the turtles.
Akumal seamlessly blends its dedication to conservation with the needs of modern-day travelers, making it an exemplary model of sustainable tourism. This little slice of heaven is an escape where time slows down, and the natural world provides an unforgettable backdrop to every activity.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Akumal

Akumal Beach

A stunning and peaceful beach where visitors can swim with sea turtles in their natural environment.

Yal-ku Lagoon

A unique natural aquarium where freshwater and seawater mix, creating an ideal spot for snorkeling among the myriad of fish and aquatic life.

Centro Ecológico Akumal (CEA)

An environmental organization that focuses on marine research, education, and sea turtle conservation.

Aktun Chen Natural Park

Home to a fascinating underground river system, Aktun Chen offers guided tours through its cenotes and caves.

Half Moon Bay

A quieter bay with a protected reef, perfect for snorkeling, especially suitable for families and novice swimmers.

Riviera Maya Golf Club

A premier golf club close to Akumal offering a challenging course for golfers amidst a breathtaking landscape.

Las Palmas Public Beach

A less crowded beach with clear waters, ideal for a more secluded beach day or picnics under the shade of palm trees.

Akumal Monkey Sanctuary & Rescued Animals

A sanctuary for rescued animals providing a safe haven for various species, and offering educational tours.

Jungle Place Spider Monkey Sanctuary

Dedicated to the protection of the endangered spider monkey, this sanctuary allows for an intimate and educational experience.

Akumal Arts Festival

An annual event where international and local artists transform the town with murals and street art, enhancing the cultural vibe.

What else to visit
In and around Akumal

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