Alba Lulia

Alba Iulia, a city located in the heart of Romania, boasts a wealth of historical treasures. As the spiritual cradle of modern Romania and the scene of pivotal moments in its history, the city invites to walk its ancient streets and relive tales of yore. Read more

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Set within the Alba County, Alba Iulia stands as an emblematic city with an impressive historical significance. From ancient Roman times, through medieval centuries, and into modern days, Alba Iulia has always held a place of prominence. Its crowning glory is the Alba Carolina Citadel, a star-shaped fortress that is a masterclass in Vauban architecture. Apart from its historical allure, the city is a lively place, with numerous festivals, cultural events, and a burgeoning cafe culture.
Alba Iulia, often dubbed as the "Other Capital" of Romania, offers travelers an enriching journey through time. Its vibrant present, combined with a glorious past, makes it an essential stop on any Romanian itinerary.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Alba Lulia

Alba Carolina Citadel

This vast fortress, with its seven bastions, serves as a testimony to European military architecture. Walking its walls offers a panoramic view of the city.

The Union Museum

Housed within the citadel, it recounts the story of Romania's Great Union in 1918. The museum is brimming with artifacts, documents, and multimedia presentations.

St. Michael's Cathedral

A stunning example of early Transylvanian Romanesque architecture, this cathedral holds significant historical importance for the Romanian people.

Batthyaneum Library

Founded in the 18th century, this baroque-style building is home to an invaluable collection of medieval manuscripts, rare books, and astronomical instruments.

Unification Hall

An iconic building where the act of unification of Transylvania with Romania was signed in 1918.

Obelisk of Horea, Cloșca, and Crișan

This monument pays tribute to three leaders of the 1784 peasant revolt, symbolizing their sacrifice for justice and freedom.

The Union Boulevard

Stroll this lively boulevard to get a feel of the city's vibe, dotted with cafes, shops, and street performers.

The Orthodox Cathedral

A newer addition to the city, this cathedral stands out with its impressive size, beautiful frescoes, and its role in Romania's Great Union.

Romanian National Treasure

An exhibition space within the citadel, showcasing golden and silver artifacts from Romania's ancient past.

The Principia Museum

Taking you back to Roman times, it highlights Alba Iulia's significance during the Roman Empire with artifacts and relics.

What else to visit
In and around Alba Lulia

Albertville (0 km)

Albertville, celebrated as the host of the 1992 Winter Olympics, stands majestically at the crossroads of the French Alps. Marrying medieval charm with alpine beauty, it beckons history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Calnic Citadel (20.8 km)

Perched gracefully amidst the Transylvanian hills, Calnic Citadel is a remarkable testament to Romania's fortified past, inviting wanderers to dive into a world where medieval tales come alive.

Rimetea (42.84 km)

Nestled between the rolling hills and rugged mountains of Transylvania, Rimetea (known also as Torockó in Hungarian) is a charming village that's a living testament to the region's rich Hungarian heritage, awash with color and steeped in legend.

Sibiu (53.5 km)

Experience the magic of Sibiu, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Founded in the 12th century by German settlers, this historic town is known for its picturesque streets, colourful houses and charming squares.

Deva (56.17 km)

Deva, perched on the banks of the Mureș River in central Romania, is a city where history reverberates through its age-old structures, while the modern pulse thrives in its bustling streets.

Fortress of Deva (56.45 km)

Perched majestically atop a volcanic hill, the Fortress of Deva stands as a sentinel over the town of Deva in Romania. This medieval fortress, with its tales of bygone eras, beckons travelers seeking a journey back in time.

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