Alfa Romeo Museum

Journey through the legacy of a motoring icon at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Italy. Experience the passion, innovation, and elegance that have driven this legendary brand for over a century. Read more

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Visit Alfa Romeo Museum in 2024

Located in Arese, near Milan, the Alfa Romeo Museum, known as "Museo Storico Alfa Romeo," is a tribute to the illustrious history of one of the automotive world's most revered brands. Established in 1976, the museum underwent a significant renovation and reopened in 2015, transforming it into a state-of-the-art facility that effectively narrates Alfa Romeo's journey from its inception in 1910 to the present. The museum is spread across several floors, with exhibits showcasing not only the brand's iconic vehicles but also delving into its involvement in motorsports, design evolution, and technological advancements.
A pilgrimage for car enthusiasts and history buffs alike, the Alfa Romeo Museum offers a comprehensive and interactive journey through the brand's storied past, blending heritage with modernity, and emotion with innovation.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Alfa Romeo Museum

Timeline Section

Charting the brand's history, this section presents the chronological evolution of Alfa Romeo, complete with multimedia presentations and historic models.

Bellezza (Beauty) Section

This space celebrates the design and aesthetic appeal of Alfa Romeo cars, emphasizing their artistic value and showcasing collaborations with renowned designers.

Speed Section

A homage to Alfa Romeo's racing legacy, this section highlights the brand's motorsport achievements, featuring winning cars and interactive displays.

Tempio (Temple) Section

Dedicated to the brand's most iconic models, visitors can marvel at the masterpieces that have left an indelible mark in automotive history.

Dynamic Test Drive

For enthusiasts wanting a more immersive experience, the museum offers a chance to test drive select Alfa Romeo models, providing a firsthand feel of the brand's motoring prowess.

Alfa Romeo Archive

A treasure trove for researchers and fans, this section houses historical documents, photographs, and design sketches related to the brand.

4D Cinema Experience

Dive deep into the Alfa Romeo world with a captivating 4D cinema experience, retracing key moments in the brand's history.

Temporary Exhibitions

The museum frequently hosts temporary exhibitions focusing on various themes related to automotive design, history, and culture.

Museum Shop

A paradise for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts, the shop offers a range of branded merchandise, including miniatures, apparel, and literature.

Alfa Romeo Café

Round off the visit with some Italian delicacies at the museum's café, perfectly complementing the overall experience.

What else to visit
In and around Alfa Romeo Museum

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