Nestled in the Pyrenees between France and Spain, Andorra la Vella is a hidden gem known for its breathtaking mountain vistas and duty-free shopping. Read more

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Andorra la Vella, the high-altitude capital of the tiny Principality of Andorra, is a unique blend of old and new. This city, one of the world's smallest capitals, sits majestically amid the Pyrenees mountains, offering a charming urban center with a quaint old town at its heart. Visitors are drawn to its renowned status as a shopping haven with luxury goods and electronics at tax-free prices. Beyond retail therapy, Andorra la Vella is a gateway to outdoor adventures: skiing in winter at resorts like Grandvalira and Vallnord, and hiking or biking in the summer along verdant trails that offer panoramic views. The city's historical sites, like the ancient Church of Sant Esteve, stand in stark contrast to the modern parliament building, the Casa de la Vall. Thermal spas like Caldea provide relaxation with a view, while the local cuisine offers a taste of both French and Catalan influences. Andorra may be small, but its cultural heritage, natural beauty, and modern amenities make it a destination that's larger than life.
Andorra la Vella's blend of cosmopolitan allure and unspoiled nature makes it an intriguing destination for both the adventurous spirit and those seeking solace in the mountains' embrace.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Andorra


Europe’s largest spa complex where visitors can enjoy thermal baths and wellness treatments with a mountain backdrop.

Casa de la Vall

A historical house dating back to the 16th century that serves as Andorra's parliamentary building.

Church of Sant Esteve

A Romanesque church in the old quarter, renowned for its medieval architecture and baroque altarpiece.


A vast ski area offering slopes for all levels and other winter sports activities.


Another popular resort that caters to skiers and snowboarders with diverse pistes and stunning alpine views.

Shopping District

The bustling commercial streets where you can find everything from luxury brands to local artisan products, all tax-free.

Sola Irrigation Canal Trail

A peaceful walking path offering scenic views of the valley and capital.

Bridge of La Margineda

An 11th-century stone bridge that stands as a monument to Andorra's medieval heritage.

Museum of Miniatures

A museum displaying the intricate and tiny art of Ukrainian artist Nicolai Siadristy.

Engolasters Lake and Valley

A serene spot ideal for picnics, fishing, and hiking, with easy trails suitable for all ages.

What else to visit
In and around Andorra

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