Augusta Raurica

Dive into the enthralling history of the Roman Empire at Augusta Raurica, the best-preserved ancient Roman archaeological site in Switzerland. Read more

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Visit Augusta Raurica in 2024

Augusta Raurica, located near Basel in Switzerland, offers a captivating glimpse into ancient Roman civilization. Founded around 15 BC, this former Roman settlement flourished as a major urban center until its decline in the 3rd century AD. Today, visitors can wander through the ruins and envision the lives of its former residents. The site houses a museum, showcasing a myriad of artifacts, from delicate pottery to intricate jewelry, illustrating the daily life and culture of the ancient Romans. Numerous events, workshops, and guided tours make Augusta Raurica a lively and immersive historical destination.
Venturing into Augusta Raurica is like stepping back in time, offering a tangible connection to one of the most influential civilizations in human history.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Augusta Raurica

Roman Theater

The largest open-air theater in Roman-era northern Europe, accommodating over 10,000 spectators, and showcasing the grandeur of ancient entertainment.

Temple Complex

This sacred site exhibits remnants of multiple temples, offering insights into the religious practices and beliefs of the ancient Romans in Augusta Raurica.

Roman House

A reconstructed Roman dwelling providing a comprehensive look into domestic life, complete with furnishings and household artifacts from that era.

Public Bath

Experience the Roman bathing culture with well-preserved structures, including the cold, warm, and hot rooms, showcasing Roman engineering and luxury.

Archaeological Museum

The heart of Augusta Raurica, featuring a vast collection of artifacts, from coins to ceramics, reflecting the day-to-day life of ancient Romans.

Animal Park

Home to domestic animals that ancient Romans would have reared, giving a sense of the agricultural aspect of the settlement.

Silver Treasure of Kaiseraugst

A mesmerizing collection of Roman silverware, discovered in 1961, displaying the opulence of Roman art and craft.


A testament to Roman architectural genius, this venue hosted gladiator fights, animal battles, and other public spectacles.

Pottery Workshop

Delve into the craftsmanship of the Romans with hands-on experiences and demonstrations on ancient pottery-making techniques.

Aqua Basilea

While not an ancient attraction, this nearby water park provides a modern touch to your journey, offering relaxation and fun after a day of historical exploration.

What else to visit
In and around Augusta Raurica

Basel (10.37 km)

Basel is a vibrant Swiss city, ideally situated at the meeting point of France, Germany, and Switzerland. Its rich history, impressive architecture, and love for the arts make it a fascinating destination for travelers.

Wildegg Castle (35.98 km)

Perched gracefully atop a terrace overlooking the Aare Valley, Wildegg Castle is a symphony of history and elegance, transporting visitors back to Switzerland's regal past while offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape.

Solothurn Cathedral (38.75 km)

Standing proudly within the charming old town of Solothurn, the St. Ursus Cathedral dominates the cityscape with its twin towers and baroque architectural brilliance.

Mulhouse (39.23 km)

Unearth the industrial heart and colorful history of Mulhouse, an underrated gem in the picturesque Alsace region of France.

Hallwyl Castle (42.54 km)

Nestled on two islands in Lake Hallwil, the majestic Hallwyl Castle beckons visitors to delve into Switzerland's rich history. With its well-preserved architecture and stunning surroundings, it offers a fairy tale setting right out of a storybook.

Baden (44.53 km)

Nestled between rolling hills and the Limmat River, Baden is an enchanting Swiss town where historical grandeur meets contemporary charm.

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