Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim

Located in Sinsheim, Germany, this museum boasts an unparalleled collection of vintage cars, aircraft, and other marvels of engineering, offering a fascinating journey through time and innovation. Read more

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Visit Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim in 2024

Situated in the picturesque region of Baden-Württemberg, the Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim is more than just a museum; it's a celebration of human ingenuity. Established in 1981, it has grown to become one of Europe's largest private museums, attracting over a million visitors every year. It's a place where technology and history converge, offering a close look at more than 3,000 exhibits that range from classic cars and motorcycles to military vehicles and even a Concorde aircraft.
What sets the museum apart is the hands-on experience it provides. Visitors can climb aboard many of the vehicles, sit in the cockpits of airplanes, and even experience the sensation of speed in a Formula 1 racing simulator. There are also special exhibitions that delve into various themes, such as the evolution of the automobile or the history of aviation. Children aren't left out either, with interactive exhibits designed to ignite young imaginations.
The Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim is more than just a walk down memory lane; it's a comprehensive look at how far human innovation has come, appealing to visitors of all ages.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim

Concorde and Tupolev Tu-144

These two supersonic jets are the stars of the museum. Visitors can climb aboard and explore the interiors of these engineering marvels.

American Dream Cars Collection

This exhibit showcases classic American cars from the 1950s and '60s, complete with chrome detailing and flamboyant designs, epitomizing the American automotive dream.

Military Zone

A wide array of military hardware, including tanks and artillery pieces, reveals the technological advancements in warfare throughout the years.

Formula 1 Exhibit

An entire section is dedicated to the adrenaline-pumping world of Formula 1, featuring actual cars, memorabilia, and interactive simulators.

Classic Motorcycles

With over 300 motorcycles, this exhibit explores the history and evolution of two-wheelers, from the earliest models to modern superbikes.

Locomotive Section

The museum also has an impressive collection of locomotives, some of which you can climb aboard.

The IMAX 3D Laser 4K Cinema

This in-house cinema plays documentaries and feature films, providing a unique cinematic experience.

Agricultural Machinery

This section shows how farming equipment has evolved over the decades, with tractors and other machinery on display.

Interactive Kid’s Zone

Designed for young visitors, this area offers a variety of educational games and activities that make learning about technology fun.

Gift Shop and Restaurant

The well-stocked gift shop offers miniatures and memorabilia, while the restaurant serves regional and international cuisine, making it a full-day outing for the entire family.

What else to visit
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