Bamberg is a city that boasts unique historical architecture, which has earned it the UNESCO designation. Its charming atmosphere is dominated by medieval streets, dazzling baroque facades and a number of breweries. Read more

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Bamberg is a city with a rich history and well-preserved medieval architecture, situated on seven hills, just like Rome. Each of the hills is crowned with a church or chapel, earning the town the nickname 'Franconian Rome'. In addition to its exceptional historic centre, Bamberg is also known for its beer culture. There are more than ten breweries in the city that brew traditional Franconian beer, including the famous 'Rauchbier' (smoke beer).

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The most famous sights
What to do in Bamberg

Bamberger Cathedral (Bamberger Dom)

This imposing 13th-century cathedral is home to many works of art, including the tomb of Pope Clement II.

Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus)

Located on a small island in the middle of the Regnitz River, this building is one of the most photographed in Bamberg.

Klein Venedig (Little Venice)

This area along the Regnitz River is famous for its picturesque fishermen's houses.

The New Residence (Neue Residenz)

This Baroque building, which was the seat of the Bishops of Bamberg, offers spectacular views of the city from its extensive gardens.

Michaelberg Abbey (St. Michael's Abbey)

This former Benedictine monastery is located on one of Bamberg's "seven hills" and offers a magnificent view of the city.

Franconian breweries

Enjoy a tour of one of the local breweries and sample traditional Franconian beer, including smoke beer.

Historic garden "Seehof"

This beautiful garden is part of the summer residence of the Bishops of Bamberg and is famous for its large fountain and citrus orchard.

Haßberge Nature Reserve

Just outside Bamberg is this nature reserve with many castles and palaces to visit.

What else to visit
In and around Bamberg

Weissenstein castle (15.23 km)

Perched atop a hill overlooking the Bavarian countryside, Weissenstein Castle (Schloss Weissenstein) captivates visitors with its mix of Baroque and Rococo architecture.

Bayreuth (48.21 km)

Bayreuth, a city wrapped in baroque beauty and rich musical heritage, beckons visitors to explore the realm where composer Richard Wagner's legacy thrives amidst architectural splendors.

Nuremberg (50.08 km)

Nuremberg, a Bavarian city with a rich history, will amaze you with its impressive monuments, picturesque Old Town and vibrant culture. Explore the secrets of Nuremberg, a city world-famous for its Christmas markets and Nuremberg sausages.

Würzburg (69.46 km)

Lying on a romantic road, Würzburg is a picturesque town in the heart of the German Franconia region. With its rich history, imposing baroque buildings and world-famous vineyards, it is a real gem waiting to be discovered.

Ansbach (69.79 km)

A picturesque town in Bavaria, Germany, best known for its Baroque architecture and as the birthplace of Kaspar Hauser. Its rich history, charming old town, and lush parks make it a haven for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber (76.49 km)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is like a fairy tale coming to life before your eyes. This magnificent medieval town with its well-preserved walls and charming streets is a real gem of romantic Germany.

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