Steeped in history and legends, Batalha stands as a testament to Portugal's medieval grandeur. With Gothic spires reaching for the sky and stories of ancient battles echoing through its streets, Batalha offers a journey into a glorious past, set in stone. Read more

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Batalha, translating to 'Battle' in Portuguese, is named in honor of the Battle of Aljubarrota (1385), where the Portuguese secured their independence against Castile. The town's crowning jewel, the Monastery of Batalha, was commissioned by King João I to express gratitude to the Virgin Mary for the victory. The monastery stands as an architectural marvel of Gothic and Manueline styles, reflecting a period of prosperity and artistic brilliance. While the historic structures dominate the town's narrative, Batalha's quaint squares, local eateries, and friendly inhabitants provide an authentic Portuguese experience away from the hustle of urban centers.
Batalha, with its monumental monastery and the tales of valor that birthed it, stands as a symbol of Portugal's resilience and artistic flair. Every stone, alley, and local melody here is an ode to a rich tapestry of history and culture that beckons travelers from afar.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Batalha

Monastery of Batalha (Mosteiro da Batalha)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this grand monastery is a masterpiece of Gothic and Manueline architecture, with intricate stone carvings and stunning cloisters.

Founders' Chapel (Capela do Fundador)

This royal pantheon houses the tombs of King João I, Queen Philippa of Lancaster, and their descendants.

Unfinished Chapels (Capelas Imperfeitas)

A hauntingly beautiful section of the monastery left incomplete, reflecting the ambitions of kings and the passage of time.

Batalha's Main Square (Praça da Republica)

A vibrant hub of local activity, surrounded by cafes and shops, where one can savor the town's daily life.

Museum of Community and Working Life (Museu da Comunidade Concelhia)

Delve into the local history, culture, and traditions of Batalha's inhabitants over the ages.

Igreja Matriz da Exaltação de Santa Cruz

A serene 16th-century church showcasing Manueline architectural elements and sacred art.

Batalha's Caves (Grutas da Moeda)

A subterranean marvel, these natural caves are adorned with stunning stalactites and stalagmites formations.

Batalha Golf Course

An oasis for golf enthusiasts, offering a serene setting with panoramic views of the region.

Ribeira Park

A lush retreat offering walking trails, picnic spots, and a connection to nature's embrace.


Gain insights into the region's natural habitat, geological formations, and the importance of sustainability.

What else to visit
In and around Batalha

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Leiria (10.67 km)

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In the shadow of a monumental monastery, Alcobaça unfolds its tapestry of history, romance, and timeless Portuguese culture. A place where ancient stone whispers tales of love and tragedy, this town beckons the hearts of those who seek profound stories.

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