Bask in the golden sun of Bibione, a pearl of the Adriatic, where the Italian zest for life meets the tranquil beauty of endless sandy shores. Read more

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Nestled between Venice and Trieste, Bibione is more than just a beach destination. This Italian resort town is famed for its 8-kilometer-long golden beach, attracting sunseekers from across Europe. The warm, shallow waters make it a family favorite, while the thermal baths offer a spa retreat. Beyond the beach, Bibione is enveloped in nature, with the lush backdrop of the Val Grande and the lagoon, ideal for cycling and birdwatching. As the sun sets, the town lights up with bustling piazzas, tempting seafood restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, showcasing Italy's beloved "la dolce vita."

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The most famous sights
What to do in Bibione

Bibione Spiaggia

With its fine, golden sands stretching for miles, Bibione Spiaggia is one of the best-equipped beaches in Italy. The beach not only offers sun loungers and umbrellas but also boasts a variety of sports facilities, children's play areas, and bars. It's a Blue Flag beach, highlighting its clean, safe waters and well-maintained environment.

Bibione Thermae

For a touch of relaxation and wellness, Bibione Thermae is the go-to spot. These modern thermal baths utilize the area's natural hot springs, providing therapeutic treatments and a spa experience. It's the perfect counterbalance to a day in the sun, with its rejuvenating thermal pools, massages, and beauty treatments.

Val Grande

This vast natural oasis is a protected area that offers a break from the beach scene. Val Grande is a mix of woodland and lagoon environments where you can hike, cycle, or take guided tours to explore the rich biodiversity of the region, including various bird species, amphibians, and plant life.

Lighthouse of Punta Tagliamento

The iconic lighthouse stands at the mouth of the Tagliamento river, offering picturesque views and a chance to delve into the maritime heritage of Bibione. A walk or cycle here during sunset or sunrise is particularly scenic, providing a quiet moment to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Parco Zoo Punta Verde

A short drive from Bibione, this zoo and botanical park is a treat for families and wildlife enthusiasts. It's home to a wide range of animals in environments designed to mimic their natural habitats, and the botanical collections provide a detailed look at the region's flora.

The Valgrande Astronomical Observatory

For a night-time adventure, the observatory offers a journey to the stars. It's a unique opportunity to gaze upon celestial bodies and learn about astronomy through the facility's telescopes and guided sessions.

Azienda Agricola Rechsteiner

Wine connoisseurs can venture to this vineyard just a short trip from Bibione. It's a chance to taste the local vintages, learn about winemaking in the Veneto region, and perhaps bring a bottle or two back home.


This charming fishing port is where you can observe local fishermen at work and even hop on a boat tour around the lagoon. The area is also dotted with seafood restaurants serving the day's fresh catch.

Bibione Market

Held weekly, the local market is a bustling scene where you can find everything from fresh local produce to Italian leather goods. It's a perfect spot to mingle with locals and soak up the lively Italian market atmosphere.

Il Faro Beach

For a more secluded beach experience, Il Faro Beach offers a quieter spot away from the main beach's hustle and bustle. It's particularly popular among those looking for a peaceful day by the sea or a romantic sunset walk.

What else to visit
In and around Bibione

Portogruaro (22.39 km)

Portogruaro, often dubbed the "Venetian gem on the mainland," is an elegant town adorned with Gothic palaces, meandering canals, and age-old mills, offering a quaint Venetian charm away from the bustling lagoon city.

Basilica di Aquileia (29.91 km)

Amidst the vast plains of northeastern Italy, the ancient town of Aquileia hosts a remarkable testament to early Christian art and architecture: the Basilica di Aquileia.

Palmanova Outlet (36.54 km)

Palmanova Outlet Village is more than just a shopping destination. It’s a unique blend of high-quality retail, Italian architectural charm, and enticing bargains that beckons shopaholics and casual visitors alike.

Piran (43.38 km)

Piran, a Venetian time capsule on Slovenia's Adriatic coast, captures hearts with its romantic charm. This seaside haven is a mosaic of medieval architecture, sun-warmed stones, and historic tales whispered by the sea breeze.

Umag (44.04 km)

Nestled on the Adriatic Sea's northwestern coast, Umag is a captivating Croatian town that effortlessly combines historical charm with modern allure.

Dusno Castle (46.58 km)

Duino Castle is a fourteenth-century fortification located in Duino, near Trieste, Italy, on the cliffs overlooking the Gulf of Trieste.

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