Perched on Germany's North Sea coast, Bremerhaven is a maritime symphony, seamlessly weaving together tales of seafaring adventures, emigrant journeys, and groundbreaking research with the relentless rhythm of the waves. Read more

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Bremerhaven, an enclave of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, is much more than just a port city. While its maritime and shipping legacy is undeniable, the city has evolved into a vibrant cultural and scientific hub. Bremerhaven has been a crucial gateway to the world, most notably during the 19th century when it served as a primary departure point for millions of European emigrants setting sail for the New World. Today, while the hustle and bustle of container ships continue, the city also draws visitors to its array of museums, aquariums, and research institutions that reflect both its historical and modern significance.
Bremerhaven beckons with its tales of oceanic adventures, cultural odysseys, and an ever-evolving connection to the sea. Whether you're retracing the steps of bygone emigrants or delving into marine science, the city offers a myriad of enlightening experiences.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Bremerhaven

German Emigration Center (Deutsches Auswandererhaus)

This award-winning museum offers an immersive experience into the journeys of over seven million emigrants who left Europe via Bremerhaven.

German Maritime Museum (Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum)

Dive into the world of seafaring and shipbuilding, with exhibits spanning from ancient wooden boats to modern marine research.

Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost

Journey through the Earth's diverse climate zones in this unique museum, experiencing the world's climates from the polar ice to tropical rainforests.

Zoo am Meer

This "Zoo by the Sea" specializes in northern species like polar bears, sea lions, and various seabirds, offering visitors a unique perspective on marine life.

Sail City Viewing Platform

Elevate your perspective from this observation deck, offering panoramic views over the North Sea, the city, and the bustling port.

Historical Museum Bremerhaven

Explore the rich history of Bremerhaven and its transformation from a modest fishing village to a major port city.

Atlantic Hotel Sail City

An iconic part of the city's skyline, this hotel stands as a testament to modern architectural prowess and offers luxury accommodations.


This idyllic beach along the Weser river offers a spot for relaxation, with a lighthouse and the sight of passing ships enhancing the ambiance.

U-Boat "Wilhelm Bauer" (U-2540)

Experience life aboard a post-WWII German submarine at this fascinating floating museum.


A neo-Gothic church, it's an architectural marvel and a symbol of Bremerhaven's history and spirituality.

What else to visit
In and around Bremerhaven

Harburg (89.29 km)

A tranquil atmosphere with the mighty Harburg Castle overlooking the town makes this a dreamlike destination for history enthusiasts and romantics alike.

Schwerin Castle (95.42 km)

Architectural masterpiece set on an island in Lake Schwerin, is often dubbed as the "Neuschwanstein of the North." With its ornate façade, lavish interiors, and lush gardens, it offers visitors a glimpse into the regal life of yesteryears.

Hamburg (95.42 km)

Nestled between two seas and countless canals, Hamburg is the epitome of a maritime city with a heart rooted deeply in its harbor. Known as Germany's 'Gateway to the World'.

Hannover (100.06 km)

Nestled on the River Leine, Hanover is a vital hub in northern Germany, seamlessly blending its royal past with present-day innovations. Famed for its trade fairs and lush green gardens, Hanover offers a cultural odyssey in the heart of Lower Saxony.

Hildesheim (128.86 km)

A city renowned for its medieval architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A fusion of historical grandeur and modern urban life, Hildesheim offers an unparalleled experience for history enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Hildesheim (129 km)

Hildesheim is a city in Lower Saxony, Germany with 101,693 inhabitants. It is in the district of Hildesheim, about 30 km southeast of Hanover on the banks of the Innerste River, a small tributary of the Leine River.

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