Bucharest, the heart of Romania, is a city of fascinating contrasts. You will be enchanted by the old, historic buildings and modern architecture, the rich culture and the fascinating nightlife. Get ready to explore! Read more

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Bucharest, also called "Little Paris", is a city that perfectly combines history with modernity. With its picturesque streets, magnificent parks and imposing buildings, it will enchant you at first sight. The architecture here is a mixture of different styles, from neoclassical palaces to communist blocks. The city also has many museums, galleries and theatres that reflect the country's rich culture and history. Whether you are a lover of art, history or nature. Bucharest is a city full of contrasts that will surely enchant you with its unique combination of old and new. Whether you are an art lover, a history buff or just like to explore new places, Bucharest has so much to offer!

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The most famous sights
What to do in Bucharest

Palace of Parliament

This imposing palace is one of the largest buildings in the world and symbolizes Romania's communist era.

Calea Victoriei

This elegant avenue is full of beautiful buildings, boutiques, museums and cafes.

The Museum of the Romanian Countryside

This museum offers a glimpse of traditional Romanian rural life through authentic buildings and exhibits.

Old Town

This area is full of picturesque streets, restaurants, bars and shops. It is the perfect place to stroll around and get to know the atmosphere of the city.

Parcul Herăstrău

This large park is ideal for a picnic, a walk or a boat ride on the lake.

Stavropoleos Church

This small but beautiful Orthodox church is known for its detailed wood carvings and frescoes.

Bucharest Art Museum

Located in the Royal Palace, this museum hosts the most important collection of Romanian art in the country.

Arcul de Triumf

This replica of the famous Parisian monument was built in honour of the Romanian soldiers who fought in the First World War.

Caru' cu bere

This historic restaurant is known for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and excellent Romanian cuisine.

George Enescu National Museum

This museum is dedicated to the famous Romanian composer George Enescu and is located in the magnificent Cantacuzino Palace.

What else to visit
In and around Bucharest

Snagov Monastery (34.16 km)

Perched on the verdant isle of Snagov Lake, Snagov Monastery is shrouded in legend, history, and mystery. Often linked to the infamous Vlad the Impaler, this serene sanctuary offers more than meets the eye.

Salina Veche Salt Mine (90.92 km)

Delve deep beneath the earth's surface into Salina Veche, a realm of crystalline wonders. Romania's Salina Veche Salt Mine is a marvel, where history and natural beauty converge in the subterranean world.

Pitesti (107.67 km)

Pitești, nestled in Argeș County, presents a unique blend of cultural richness and modern dynamism. This city, standing on the banks of the Argeș River, has evolved over time, boasting an intriguing history and a spirit that charms its visitors.

Peles Castle (112.78 km)

Nestled amidst the Carpathian Mountains, Peles Castle stands as a masterwork of Neo-Renaissance architecture. Beyond its fairy-tale façade, the castle unfolds Romania's royal legacy, weaving stories of intrigue, art, and innovation.

Bran Castle (134.13 km)

Perched on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia, Bran Castle is infamously dubbed "Dracula's Castle." A symbol of Romanian heritage, it seamlessly combines history, myth, and breathtaking landscapes.

Brasov (138.66 km)

Brasov, a gem set in the heart of Romania's Carpathian Mountains, effortlessly combines medieval charm with modern urbanity. As a gateway to Transylvania, its history is mirrored in its cobbled streets, centuries-old buildings, and majestic landscapes.

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