A town echoing with devotion and rich history. Revered as the home of Saint Rita, the "Saint of the Impossible", Cascia is a pilgrimage destination offering solace, spirituality, and a deep connection to Italian heritage. Read more

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Resting within the Valnerina Valley, Cascia beckons visitors with its deep religious roots. The town's essence revolves around Saint Rita, a woman of great faith and miracles, drawing pilgrims from across the world to her basilica. However, beyond its spiritual allure, Cascia boasts a picturesque setting with medieval structures, lush landscapes, and local traditions. The region also offers culinary delights such as saffron, truffles, and the famed "roveja" pea, reflective of Umbria's rich agricultural heritage.
For those in search of spiritual nourishment or simply the timeless beauty of Italian towns, Cascia serves as a tranquil and enriching escape.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Cascia

Basilica of Santa Rita

A majestic shrine dedicated to Saint Rita, housing her incorrupt body and the famous thorn believed to have miraculously appeared on her forehead.

Monastery of Santa Rita

Adjacent to the basilica, this monastery is where Saint Rita spent her years as a nun, offering insights into her devout life.

Palazzo Carli

A beautiful Renaissance palace reflecting Cascia's architectural elegance from the 16th century.

Church of San Francesco

A medieval church with noteworthy frescoes and a serene ambiance for reflection.

The Museum of Sacred Art

Displaying religious artifacts, this museum gives visitors a glimpse into the region's spiritual and artistic history.

Piazza Garibaldi

The town's main square, bustling with local life, events, and surrounded by historic buildings.

The Valnerina Valley

A natural haven around Cascia, perfect for hiking, exploring, and appreciating Umbria's picturesque landscapes.


A small village just a few kilometers from Cascia, known as the birthplace of Saint Rita.

Saffron Festivals

Celebrating Cascia's renowned saffron production, these events offer a delightful mix of food, music, and local traditions.

The Ruins of Carsulae

Located nearby, these Roman archaeological ruins transport visitors back to ancient times, showcasing a well-preserved theater, arches, and more.

What else to visit
In and around Cascia

Spoleto Cathedral (22.29 km)

Marmore Waterfalls (30.67 km)

Palazzo Trinci (36.66 km)

Assisi (50.68 km)

Nestled in the heart of the Umbrian hills, Assisi stands as a serene testament to faith, art, and medieval charm. Birthplace of St. Francis, this UNESCO World Heritage town weaves tales of spirituality amidst cobbled streets and rose-hued stone buildings.

Perugia (66.88 km)

Perugia, nestled in the heart of Italy's Umbria region, is a hidden gem rich in history and culture. This ancient hilltop city, with its winding medieval streets and stunning views, offers a unique blend of art, history, and gastronomy.

Sacro Bosco (67.38 km)

Venture into the enigmatic heart of Italy's Sacred Grove, Sacro Bosco. Known as "Parco dei Mostri" (Park of the Monsters), this bewitching garden mingles Renaissance artistry with cryptic symbolism, beckoning explorers to unravel its mysteries.

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