In the quiet embrace of the Parisian suburbs, Chelles offers a peaceful retreat with a rich tapestry of history dating back to Merovingian royalty. Read more

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Chelles, a serene commune on the outskirts of Paris, holds a treasure trove of history. Once the location of a royal Merovingian abbey, the town now offers a blend of cultural heritage and suburban tranquility. It's a place where ancient artifacts and modern living intersect, giving visitors a unique perspective on the evolution of French society. The Chelles Abbey, though largely gone, left behind a legacy of historical importance, with its remnants and artifacts showcased in the local museum. The town is also a green haven, with parks and paths along the Marne River providing picturesque walks and leisure activities. With its close proximity to the capital, Chelles is an ideal spot for those looking to explore French history and culture while staying within reach of Paris’s vibrant city life.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Chelles

Chelles Abbey

Discover the historical heart of Chelles, where the remnants of the ancient abbey speak volumes of the town's royal past and ecclesiastical significance.

Musée Alfred Bonno

Housing a collection of local history and artifacts, this museum sheds light on the rich archaeological and artistic heritage of Chelles.

Parc du Souvenir Emile Fouchard

A beautiful park offering green spaces and play areas, ideal for family outings and a breath of fresh air.

Les Cuves de Fauveaux

Explore these ancient quarries that once supplied limestone for the construction of many notable buildings in the region.

Église Saint-André de Chelles

This church stands as a beacon of local faith and community, showcasing religious art and architecture through the centuries.

Banks of the Marne River

Stroll along the scenic riverbanks or engage in recreational activities such as boating and picnicking in this serene environment.

Parc de la Haute Île

A natural space designed for biodiversity, offering walking trails and observation points for wildlife and flora enthusiasts.

Chelles Cultural Center

A hub for arts and cultural events, providing a stage for local performances, workshops, and exhibitions.

Le Menhir de Chelles

Take a journey back in time by visiting this ancient menhir, a prehistoric standing stone symbolizing the region’s distant past.

Marché de Chelles

Immerse yourself in local life at the bustling town market, where fresh produce and regional products abound.

What else to visit
In and around Chelles

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Paris (19.15 km)

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Paris Orly Airport (23.59 km)

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Asterix Parc (28.36 km)

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