Nestled in eastern Poland, Chełm is a city of hidden wonders and profound history, with its subterranean chalk labyrinths, sacred shrines, and resilient spirit that has endured through the ages. Read more

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Chełm, often referred to as the "City of Saints," boasts a rich history that dates back over a millennium. It has seen a myriad of cultures and nations, all leaving their indelible mark on the city. One of Chełm’s most iconic landmarks is its underground chalk tunnels, offering a mystic journey beneath the city's streets. These tunnels, apart from their historical significance, have numerous legends associated with them, adding to the city's enigmatic appeal.
The spiritual heart of Chełm is undeniably the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary, drawing pilgrims and tourists alike. The city's deep-rooted Jewish heritage, reflected in its preserved synagogues and memorial sites, tells tales of a vibrant community that once flourished here.
With its mix of sacred spots, historical sites, and natural beauty, Chełm emerges not just as a travel destination but as a journey through time, revealing layers of history, faith, and culture.
For those eager to experience a blend of spirituality, history, and natural beauty, Chełm offers an unparalleled journey into Poland's heart and soul.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Chełm

Chełm Underground Tourist Route

Delve into the enigmatic underground chalk tunnels, exploring chambers and hearing legends of the past.

Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary

A pilgrimage site with a revered icon of the Mother of God, attracting believers from around the world.

Chełm Holocaust Memorial

Pay respects at this poignant site, commemorating the Jewish community of Chełm that perished during WWII.

St. John Baptist Cathedral

An architectural marvel with beautiful interiors, representing the religious fervor of the city.

Old Market Square

The heart of Chełm, perfect for a leisurely stroll, shopping, and savoring local delicacies.

Chełm Museum

Delve into the city's rich history, with exhibits ranging from archaeology to contemporary art.

Jewish Cemetery

A silent testament to Chełm's once-thriving Jewish community, this site evokes reflection and remembrance.

Basilian Monastery

A historic complex with intricate architecture and peaceful surroundings.

Hrubieszów Gate

A part of the city’s old fortifications, offering insights into its defensive past.

Chełm Landscape Park

A serene getaway, showcasing the natural beauty of the region with its rolling hills and verdant landscapes.

What else to visit
In and around Chełm

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Łańcut Synagogue (147.94 km)

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