Christ the King Swiebodzin

Behold the towering Christ the King statue in Świebodzin, Poland—a colossal symbol of faith and an awe-inspiring landmark that dominates the skyline. Read more

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Visit Christ the King Swiebodzin in 2024

Standing at 33 meters, not including its mound and crown, it's an experience that transcends religious lines and captivates all who visit. Rising high above the town of Świebodzin in western Poland, the Christ the King statue is one of the tallest statues of Jesus in the world. Unveiled in 2010, this statue was constructed through local fundraising efforts and contributions from the community, highlighting its emotional and cultural significance to the region.
Christ the King was designed with immense care, representing not only religious devotion but also artistic achievement. The statue's height of 33 meters symbolizes the 33 years of Jesus Christ's life on Earth. This colossal sculpture is constructed from concrete and fiberglass, and its internal structure includes an elevator that takes visitors to a viewing terrace around the head of the statue for panoramic views of the surrounding area.
This site has increasingly attracted pilgrims, tourists, and even curious non-believers, making it a unique blend of religious sanctuary and tourist attraction. While it may have stirred some controversies, its impact and grandeur are undeniable.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Christ the King

Viewing Terrace

Experience breathtaking vistas of Świebodzin and beyond from the viewing terrace located around the head of the statue.

Chapel at the Base

A small chapel at the base of the statue serves as a quiet place for prayer and reflection.

Crown of Thorns

Don't miss the intricately designed crown atop the statue, which is a feat of craftsmanship itself.

Interpretive Center

Learn about the history and construction of the statue, and the significance of the site in the context of Polish Catholicism.

Gift Shop

Purchase souvenirs like miniature replicas of the statue and religious artifacts.

Pilgrimage Events

The site hosts various religious events throughout the year, attracting pilgrims from across Poland and other countries.

Nearby Nature Trails

Explore the natural beauty of the area through well-marked hiking and biking trails.

Świebodzin Town Center

Just a short drive away, the town offers local Polish cuisine and historical sites worth visiting.

Community Park

A nearby park offers a family-friendly atmosphere with playgrounds and picnic spots.

Seasonal Celebrations

Special liturgical and cultural events take place during Christmas, Easter, and other significant days on the Christian calendar.

What else to visit
In and around Christ the King Swiebodzin

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Poznań (96.5 km)

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Grodziec Castle (118.68 km)

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Gorlitz (127.21 km)

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