Comacchio is a labyrinth of canals, bridges, and pastel-hued houses. Often referred to as the "Little Venice of Emilia-Romagna," this enchanting town offers a blend of art, nature, and history away from the usual tourist crowds. Read more

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Nestled between wetlands and lagoons, Comacchio's origins stretch back to ancient times. Its unique geography has shaped its destiny as a fishing and salt-producing town. With its intricate network of canals and waterways, the town has an unmistakable charm that harks back to its maritime roots. Beyond the waters, Comacchio's streets reveal a rich tapestry of architectural wonders, from Byzantine churches to noble palaces. The town is also the gateway to the Po Delta Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, teeming with biodiversity and offering myriad outdoor adventures.
A visit to Comacchio is a journey through time, from its ancient roots to its vibrant present, all set against the tranquil backdrop of canals and wetlands. With its rich history, natural wonders, and delectable cuisine, Comacchio promises an unforgettable Italian escapade.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Comacchio

Trepponti Bridge

An architectural emblem of Comacchio, this five-way bridge was constructed in the 17th century and stands as a testament to the town's engineering prowess.

Manifattura dei Marinati

Delve into the world of eel fishing and preservation at this historic factory, which celebrates Comacchio's most famous delicacy.

Museum of the Po Delta

Explore the rich ecosystem of the Po Delta, its history, and the relationship between man and nature through engaging exhibits.

Cathedral of San Cassiano

Dating back to the 8th century, this cathedral boasts impressive artworks and a blend of architectural styles, from Romanesque to Baroque.

Clock Tower

A defining feature of Comacchio's skyline, the clock tower offers panoramic views of the town and the surrounding lagoons.

Loggia del Grano

A historic loggia that once served as a grain market, it stands as a symbol of Comacchio's commercial heritage.

Ancient Delta Museum

Unearth the mysteries of the ancient Etruscans, Romans, and Byzantines who once inhabited the region through fascinating archaeological finds.

Ponte degli Sbirri

A picturesque stone bridge, reminiscent of the town's medieval era, offering scenic views of the canals.

Lidos of Comacchio

Stretching along the Adriatic coast, these sandy beaches are perfect for relaxation, sunbathing, and water sports.

Boat Tours

Navigate the serene waters of Comacchio's canals and the Po Delta, observing the rich birdlife and soaking in the town's maritime charm.

What else to visit
In and around Comacchio

Pomposa Abbey (16.69 km)

Echoing with ancient chants and tales of monastic life, Pomposa Abbey stands as a sentinel of Italy's spiritual and artistic heritage. This serene complex, nestled in the Po Delta, is a testimony to medieval brilliance and devotion.

Ravenna (31.03 km)

Ravenna, the jewel of northern Italy, hides a fascinating history and world-famous mosaics. The city, which has been the capital of the Western world three times, will captivate you with its cultural richness.

Ferrara (47.37 km)

Dive into the embrace of Ferrara, a hidden gem in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region. With its Renaissance-era walls, alluring palaces, and a thriving arts scene, Ferrara stands as a poetic testament to Italy's grandeur and cultural legacy.

Imola (53.41 km)

Nestled in the rolling hills of Emilia-Romagna, Imola is a harmonious blend of medieval charm and modern speed. Famed for its motor racing circuit, the town also boasts a rich historical tapestry that beckons exploration.

Dozza (58.18 km)

Perched atop a hill in Emilia-Romagna, Dozza is more than just a medieval village; it's a living canvas. With its vibrant murals and fortified castle, Dozza seamlessly marries its artistic soul with a rich historical backdrop.

Chioggia (58.48 km)

Often dubbed the "Little Venice," Chioggia is a charming fishing port where canals, bridges, and vibrant facades converge. Nestled at the southern end of the Venetian Lagoon, this lesser-known gem boasts an authenticity and serenity that captiva

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