Cremona, Violin Museum

Nestled in the heart of Cremona, the historic cradle of violin-making, the Violin Museum sings a melodious tribute to the world's most celebrated string instrument. Read more

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Visit Cremona, Violin Museum in 2024

Journey through time, exploring the legacy of maestros like Stradivari, while the soulful echoes of their masterpieces resonate around you. The Museo del Violino in Cremona offers an immersive experience into the world of violin-making, a craft that the city is globally renowned for. Opened in 2013, the museum is a fusion of modern aesthetics with age-old traditions. Its exhibitions trace the history, artistry, and acoustic science behind the creation of these iconic instruments. Celebrating the genius of luthiers like Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri, the museum houses an invaluable collection of antique violins, each with its unique story and tonal brilliance.
The Violin Museum in Cremona is more than just a showcase of instruments; it's a harmonious blend of history, art, science, and music. As you immerse yourself in its galleries, the stories of legendary luthiers and their timeless creations reverberate, transcending time and touching the soul.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Violin Museum

Stradivari Collection

Marvel at the priceless violins crafted by Antonio Stradivari, a legend in the realm of violin-making, and understand the nuances that make his creations unparalleled.

Interactive Sound Lab

Engage with the science of sound through interactive exhibits, demonstrating how wood, shape, and craftsmanship influence a violin's tone.

Temporary Exhibitions

The museum hosts rotating exhibitions that delve deeper into specific aspects of violin-making, offering fresh insights with each visit.

Auditorium Arvedi

Attend live performances in this acoustically sublime auditorium, where antique violins come to life in the hands of virtuosos.

Historical Luthiers' Workshops

Step into the workshops of historic Cremonese luthiers and get a firsthand look at the traditional tools and techniques employed in the crafting of these instruments.

Treasure Box Room

A captivating display of inlays, varnishes, and decorations showcasing the aesthetic elements that complement a violin's musicality.

Library and Media Library

Dive deeper into the world of string instruments with a vast collection of books, videos, and sound recordings.

Guided Tours

Enrich your experience with guided tours that provide detailed insights into the displayed collections, the history of violin-making, and Cremona's significance in this art.

Cremona's Historic Center

After your museum visit, explore the city's charming historic center, with its cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and local eateries.

Local Violin Workshops

Beyond the museum, venture into local workshops where contemporary luthiers continue Cremona's legacy, crafting exquisite instruments by hand.

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