Cuernavaca, the "City of Eternal Spring," invites with its perennially pleasant climate, lush gardens, and rich tapestry of history and culture. Read more

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Cuernavaca, the capital of Morelos state, is a city celebrated for its beautiful weather, earning it the nickname "City of Eternal Spring." Located a short drive from Mexico City, Cuernavaca is a favorite escape for those looking to enjoy its temperate climate, luxurious villas, and tranquil streets. The city's history stretches back to pre-Hispanic times, and this legacy is visible in the well-preserved archaeological sites and the ancient palaces dotting the cityscape. The Palace of Cortés, built by the conquistador Hernán Cortés, stands as a testament to Cuernavaca's colonial past. Today, the city offers a blend of cultural experiences, ranging from art galleries and museums to vibrant markets and festivals that reflect the region's rich traditions. The botanical gardens and surrounding nature reserves also offer a respite for nature lovers and serve as a base for exploring the scenic state of Morelos.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Cuernavaca

Palace of Cortés (Palacio de Cortés)

Once the fortress of Hernán Cortés, now a museum that narrates the history of Morelos and its people through art and exhibits.

Robert Brady Museum

A colonial-era house that holds a diverse art collection, showcasing works from around the world, collected by the American artist Robert Brady.

Cathedral of the Assumption (Catedral de la Asunción)

A 16th-century cathedral with a blend of architectural styles, known for its historic murals and significance in the early spread of Christianity in the area.

Borda Garden (Jardín Borda)

A splendid garden once belonging to a wealthy miner, now a public park with fountains, walkways, and cultural events.

Chapultepec Ecological Park

A natural oasis within the city offering recreational activities, including hiking, picnicking, and wildlife observation.

Archaeological Zone of Xochicalco

A UNESCO World Heritage site located nearby, featuring the ruins of a pre-Columbian fortified city with a notable pyramid and astronomical observatory.

Teopanzolco Cultural Center

A modern cultural venue offering performances, workshops, and artistic events, built adjacent to the Teopanzolco archaeological site.

Salto de San Antón

A picturesque waterfall within the city, surrounded by verdant cliffs and accessible via a small ravine.

Museum of Traditional and Herbal Medicine

An informative museum that explores the region's use of herbal medicine, complete with a medicinal plant garden.

Tepozteco Pyramid

A short journey from Cuernavaca leads to the town of Tepoztlán, where you can hike to this ancient temple dedicated to the god of pulque, Tepoztecatl, perched atop a mountain cliff.

What else to visit
In and around Cuernavaca

Site Museum Xochicalco (15.4 km)

Discover ancient splendor at the Site Museum Xochicalco, a window into the complex urban life of a powerful pre-Columbian civilization in Mexico.

Archaeological Zone of Xochicalco (15.51 km)

Discover Xochicalco, an ancient fortress city whose name means "Place of the House of Flowers," a pre-Columbian marvel etched into the Mexican highlands.

Jardines de Mexico (35.83 km)

Step into a horticultural paradise at Jardines de México, a vibrant canvas of lush landscapes and artful gardens in the heart of Morelos.

Grutas de Cacahuamilpa (41.22 km)

Embark on an underground odyssey at Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, Mexico's majestic subterranean wonder, home to one of the world's most spectacular cave systems.

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