Ferrari Winery

Often referred to as the "Champagne of Italy", this prestigious winery combines tradition with innovation, producing bubbles that have charmed connoisseurs globally. Read more

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Visit Ferrari Winery in 2024

Founded in 1902 by Giulio Ferrari, Ferrari Winery has carved a niche for itself in the world of sparkling wines. Using the traditional method of fermentation in the bottle, akin to the Champagne process, the winery has consistently produced wines that reflect the terroir and excellence of the Trentino region. The vineyards, set against the backdrop of the Dolomites, benefit from a unique microclimate that contributes to the distinctive taste and aroma of the wines. Beyond the wine, Ferrari Winery is also renowned for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, ensuring that every bottle is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.
The Ferrari Winery is more than just a place of wine production; it's a realm where passion meets perfection. Visitors are not only introduced to exceptional sparkling wines but also to the ethos and vision that have made Ferrari a beacon of excellence in the world of enology.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Ferrari Winery

Guided Tours of Ferrari Winery

Delve deep into the world of sparkling wines with guided tours that encompass the vineyards, cellars, and the intricate winemaking process.

Tasting Sessions

Experience the finesse of Ferrari's sparkling wines, from their classic Brut to the exclusive reserves, under the guidance of expert sommeliers.

Locanda Margon

Adjacent to the winery, this gourmet restaurant offers a culinary journey that pairs beautifully with Ferrari's wines, celebrating the region's gastronomic heritage.

Ferrari Spazio Bollicine

An elegant wine bar and shop, it's the perfect place to savor and purchase the winery's products amidst a contemporary setting.

Vineyard Walks

Wander through the meticulously tended vineyards, absorbing the beauty of the landscape and understanding the terroir that defines Ferrari's wines.

Wine Masterclasses

Dive deeper into the world of enology with specialized masterclasses, learning about the nuances of sparkling wine production.

Eco-friendly Initiatives

Discover Ferrari Winery's commitment to sustainability, from solar energy to organic farming practices, reflecting their respect for nature.

Events and Celebrations

The winery often hosts events, from wine festivals to cultural programs, making it a vibrant hub of activity and celebration.

Historical Archives

Explore the rich history of the winery, tracing its journey from a small vineyard to a global name in sparkling wines.

Local Attractions

Beyond the winery, the Trentino region offers myriad attractions, from the historic city of Trento to the serene beauty of Lake Garda.

What else to visit
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