Gianni Caproni Museum of Aeronautics

Elevate your sense of wonder and discovery at the Gianni Caproni Museum of Aeronautics in Italy. Offering an extraordinary journey through the evolution of flight, this museum is an aviator's dream. Read more

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Visit Gianni Caproni Museum of Aeronautics in 2024

The Gianni Caproni Museum of Aeronautics is located in Trento, Italy, and stands as a testimony to the incredible strides humankind has made in aviation. Named after the pioneering Italian aviator and aircraft designer, Gianni Caproni, the museum is home to a stunning collection of aircraft, engines, and aviation-related memorabilia.
The museum is particularly famous for housing some of the world's oldest surviving airplanes. With a focus on Italian aviation history, you'll find an assortment of rare and significant aircraft, some of which were designed by Caproni himself. The exhibitions are not just limited to airplanes; they also include a fascinating range of aeronautical equipment, from propellers to uniforms, allowing for a comprehensive look at the world of aviation.
Interactive exhibits and educational workshops provide a hands-on experience, making it an excellent destination for families. The museum aims to make aviation accessible and understandable to everyone, whether you're a flying enthusiast or simply curious about the mechanics behind soaring in the sky.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Gianni Caproni Museum of Aeronautics

Historic Aircraft Collection

See some of the world's oldest and most unique aircraft up close, including Caproni's own designs.

Engine Room

Discover the technological marvels that power flight by examining a variety of aircraft engines from different eras.

Pilot's Cockpit Simulators

Get a firsthand experience of what it's like to fly a plane using the museum's cockpit simulators.

Aviation Art Gallery

An art gallery dedicated to aviation, showcasing the romance and allure of flying through various artistic mediums.

Gianni Caproni's Personal Effects

Explore the personal history of Gianni Caproni through his own belongings and archives.

World War I and II Exhibits

Learn about the role of aviation in the World Wars with meticulously preserved artifacts and aircraft.

Interactive Learning Zone

Perfect for young visitors, this section offers interactive games and experiments to understand the principles of flight.

Aero Library

A comprehensive library containing books, manuscripts, and photographs related to aviation history.

Special Exhibitions

The museum regularly hosts special exhibitions featuring renowned aviators, groundbreaking technology, and historical events.

Museum Gift Shop

Don't forget to grab a unique souvenir from the gift shop, stocked with aviation-themed merchandise.

What else to visit
In and around Gianni Caproni Museum of Aeronautics

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