Glasi Hergiswil Museum

Step into a world of shimmering reflections at Glasi Hergiswil, Switzerland's last hand-blown glass factory, where age-old craftsmanship meets contemporary design, creating enchanting pieces of art. Read more

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Visit Glasi Hergiswil Museum in 2024

Located on the serene banks of Lake Lucerne, Glasi Hergiswil has been keeping the ancient art of glassblowing alive since 1817. Visitors to the museum are offered a unique experience, watching master craftsmen at work, molding and blowing molten glass into exquisite pieces. Beyond just observing, the interactive exhibitions allow guests to understand the history, process, and artistry of glassmaking. The museum also showcases a diverse range of glass products, from elegant vases to intricate ornaments. Its mystical underground world, with captivating light and sound installations, delves deeper into the world of glass, making it a sensory experience for visitors.
A visit to the Glasi Hergiswil Museum offers a blend of education, artistry, and sensory delights, making it a must-visit for those intrigued by the fascinating world of glass.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Glasi Hergiswil Museum

Live Glassblowing Demonstrations

Witness the mesmerizing dance of fire and glass as craftsmen skillfully shape molten glass into beautiful objects.

The Glass Labyrinth

Challenge your senses in this intricate maze made entirely of glass panels, offering a fun and puzzling experience for both adults and children.

Underground Exhibition

Delve into the magical world of glass through an immersive light and sound journey, revealing the mysteries and wonders of this age-old craft.

Glasi Park

Wander through a beautifully landscaped park adorned with glass sculptures, installations, and a delightful playground for the younger visitors.

Glass Shop

Admire and purchase a diverse range of hand-blown glass products, from tableware to decorative items, each bearing the unique touch of Hergiswil craftsmen.

Interactive Stations

Engage in hands-on activities, learning more about the properties of glass, its formation, and its role in daily life.

Glass Studio Workshops

Unleash your creativity by enrolling in workshops, where under expert guidance, you can create your own glass masterpiece.

Panoramic Views

Enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains from the premises, complementing the ethereal beauty of the glass creations.

Historical Exhibits

Understand the evolution of glassmaking at Hergiswil through a series of displays and exhibits chronicling its rich heritage.

Glass Bar

Unwind with a refreshing drink amidst an ambiance dominated by glass decor, reflecting the essence of Glasi Hergiswil.

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