Godollo Palace

In the heart of Hungary, Gödöllő Palace stands as a magnificent testament to royal splendor and architectural grandeur, revealing tales of bygone emperors and empresses. Read more

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Gödöllő Palace, situated a short drive from Budapest, is Hungary's largest baroque palace. Originally built as a mansion in the 18th century for Count Antal Grassalkovich, a notable figure of the Hungarian aristocracy, it was later expanded into a grand royal residence. The palace gained prominence when it became a favorite summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife, Empress Elisabeth, fondly known as Sisi. With its sprawling gardens, ornate rooms, and impressive facades, the palace is a showcase of baroque architecture and design. Today, the beautifully restored interiors provide visitors with a glimpse into the lavish lifestyles of its former royal inhabitants. Beyond the stunning architecture, the palace grounds are equally captivating, featuring vast parks, the Royal Stables, and the Palm House.
Gödöllő Palace is more than just a structure; it's a journey through time, capturing the essence of Hungarian royalty and the nation's rich cultural tapestry.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Gödöllő Palace

Gödöllő Arboretum

A peaceful sanctuary showcasing a diverse range of plant species, perfect for nature walks.

World Peace Gong

A symbolic monument dedicated to world peace, located in the palace park.

Gödöllő Royal Theatre

A historic venue where various performances, from plays to concerts, take place.

Museum of Agriculture

Offers insights into Hungarian farming practices and history.

Gödöllő Zoo

A small zoo situated near the palace, ideal for family visits.

Szent István University

A renowned institution with beautiful campus buildings.

Pál-Mácsai Horse Farm

Provides horse riding experiences in the traditional Hungarian style.

Erzsébet Park

A tranquil park named after Empress Elisabeth, great for relaxation.

Fáy Cellar

A historical wine cellar where visitors can taste local Hungarian wines.

Szent Flórián Chapel

A serene chapel with beautiful frescoes, located in the palace park.

What else to visit
In and around Godollo Palace

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