Hall in Tirol

Hall in Tirol, Austria, is a captivating medieval town, renowned for its well-preserved historic center and scenic Alpine backdrop. This hidden gem offers a unique blend of rich history, cultural charm, and stunning natural beauty. Read more

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Hall in Tirol, a picturesque town located just east of Innsbruck in Austria, is a treasure trove of medieval history and charm. Originally known for its salt production, which was the source of its wealth and prominence in the Middle Ages, Hall boasts one of the best-preserved old towns in Austria. The town's narrow, cobbled streets are lined with gothic and baroque buildings, inviting visitors to step back in time. Key highlights include the Hall Mint, where the famous 'Thaler' silver coin was produced, a precursor to the dollar. The Hasegg Castle, adjacent to the mint, offers stunning views and a rich history. The town is surrounded by the breathtaking Tyrolean Alps, offering ample opportunities for hiking and skiing. Hall in Tirol also hosts a variety of cultural events, including traditional markets and music festivals, showcasing its vibrant local traditions and culinary delights. This charming town is a perfect blend of historical intrigue and natural splendor, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic Austrian experience.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Hall in Tirol

Hall Mint (Münze Hall)

Home to the world's first dollar coin, this historic mint offers fascinating insights into the history of coinage.

Hasegg Castle

Overlooking the town, this castle offers panoramic views and a glimpse into the region's medieval past.

Old Town Hall in Tyrol

A beautifully preserved building showcasing the architectural styles of the medieval period.

Parish Church of St. Nicholas

A stunning gothic church known for its impressive architecture and rich history.


A nearby valley offering stunning alpine scenery and numerous hiking trails.

Mining Museum Hall in Tyrol

Exhibits the town's history of salt mining and its impact on the region's development.

Christmas Market

During the festive season, the town transforms into a magical Christmas market, known for its unique crafts and local specialties.

Jenbacher Museum

A short drive from Hall, this museum focuses on the local industrial history, including the famous Jenbacher engines.

Absam Basilica

A pilgrimage site nearby, famous for its miraculous image of the Virgin Mary.

Hall Thermal Springs

Enjoy a relaxing experience at these thermal baths, known for their healing properties.

What else to visit
In and around Hall in Tirol

Innsbruck (7.46 km)

Innsbruck, a picturesque Austrian city surrounded by the Alps, is the ideal destination for lovers of mountains, history and culture. Explore the Old Town, visit the impressive Ambras and enjoy the spectacular views from the Nordkette.

Swarovski Kristallwelten Museum (7.86 km)

In the heart of the Austrian Tyrol, a shimmering world awaits discovery. Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds) Museum, an enchanting realm of art, design, and innovation, showcases the captivating universe of the world's leading crystal manufacturer.

Tratzberg Chateau (21.4 km)

Nestled in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps in Austria, Tratzberg Castle (Schloss Tratzberg) is a magnificent Renaissance castle with a rich history that spans over 500 years.

Seefeld in Tirol (23.89 km)

Mittenwald (25.06 km)

Enveloped by the towering Alps, Mittenwald is a Bavarian jewel, where painted facades and violin-making traditions harmonize with the natural splendor.

Mayrhofen-Zillertal (29.1 km)

Mayrhofen-Zillertal is a vibrant gem in Austria's alpine crown, offering a blend of outdoor adventure and cultural immersion. Set in the picturesque Zillertal Valley, it's a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of alpine charm.

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