A tranquil atmosphere with the mighty Harburg Castle overlooking the town makes this a dreamlike destination for history enthusiasts and romantics alike. Read more

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Nestled along the Romantic Road in Bavaria, Harburg captures hearts with its medieval charm, romantic landscapes, and historical richness. Harburg is one of those idyllic German towns that seems like it has been lifted straight out of a fairy tale. With the backdrop of the stunning Swabian Alps and the Wörnitz River flowing through, the town offers a panorama that is simply breathtaking. However, what truly sets Harburg apart is its well-preserved Harburg Castle, one of the oldest and largest castle complexes in Southern Germany.
Meandering through the town, you'll find beautiful half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets that add to its old-world charm. The town's churches are adorned with intricate woodwork, and the local museums offer insight into the region's art and history. For nature lovers, the surrounding area provides ample opportunities for hiking, cycling, and fishing.
Seasonal festivals, including traditional Christmas markets and summer fairs, reflect the town's vibrant community spirit. Whether you are exploring the monumental castle, sampling local German cuisine, or taking part in outdoor activities, Harburg offers a genuine slice of Bavarian culture and scenic beauty.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Harburg

Harburg Castle

This magnificent castle complex offers guided tours that delve deep into its thousand-year history.

St. Barbara Church

An architectural gem with a mix of Gothic and Romanesque elements, known for its detailed wooden altar.

Wörnitz River Banks

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the riverbanks or engage in fishing and boating activities.

Local History Museum

A small but informative museum that outlines the history of Harburg and its surrounding regions.

Klingen Gate

One of the town’s old fortification gates that has stood the test of time.

Swabian Alps

Ideal for hiking and nature walks, offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Wörnitz Radweg

A popular cycling path that takes you through picturesque landscapes along the Wörnitz River.

Traditional Bavarian Eateries

Don’t miss out on the authentic Bavarian dishes served at local restaurants and taverns.

Romantic Road Tour

Harburg serves as a notable stop along this famous tourist route, linking Würzburg and Füssen.

Seasonal Festivals

The town hosts various events throughout the year, including Christmas markets and summer fairs, that showcase local crafts and cuisine.

What else to visit
In and around Harburg

Schwerin Castle (11.48 km)

Architectural masterpiece set on an island in Lake Schwerin, is often dubbed as the "Neuschwanstein of the North." With its ornate façade, lavish interiors, and lush gardens, it offers visitors a glimpse into the regal life of yesteryears.

Hamburg (11.48 km)

Nestled between two seas and countless canals, Hamburg is the epitome of a maritime city with a heart rooted deeply in its harbor. Known as Germany's 'Gateway to the World'.

Bremen (89.29 km)

Bremen, a city-state in northern Germany, radiates with rich maritime history, enchanting fairy tales, and captivating architecture. Its blend of historical charm and modern vivacity makes it a must-visit spot for travelers.

Bremerhaven (89.29 km)

Perched on Germany's North Sea coast, Bremerhaven is a maritime symphony, seamlessly weaving together tales of seafaring adventures, emigrant journeys, and groundbreaking research with the relentless rhythm of the waves.

Ludwigslust (100.76 km)

Ludwigslust offers an idyllic setting and a rich historical backdrop. Known as the "Versailles of the North," this charming town is a hidden gem, brimming with grand architecture, lush parks, and cultural landmarks.

Hannover (121.8 km)

Nestled on the River Leine, Hanover is a vital hub in northern Germany, seamlessly blending its royal past with present-day innovations. Famed for its trade fairs and lush green gardens, Hanover offers a cultural odyssey in the heart of Lower Saxony.

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