Step into the intriguing realm of Idrija, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Slovenia. Known for its centuries-old mercury mining heritage and exquisite lace-making, Idrija offers a unique blend of natural beauty and rich history. Read more

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Nestled amidst the verdant Slovenian hills, Idrija stands as a testament to man's quest for natural resources and artistic expression. It boasts the second-largest mercury mine in the world, which was in operation for over 500 years before its closure. This rich mining history has left a unique imprint on the town's culture, architecture, and traditions. Equally captivating is Idrija's lace-making heritage, a delicate craft that has adorned the wardrobes of European royalty and been celebrated in the town's annual lace festival. From its intriguing "kamšt" waterwheel to the lace-themed events and workshops, Idrija weaves a tale that spans deep underground and delicate craftsmanship above.
In Idrija, history and heritage intertwine, inviting visitors to embark on a journey that illuminates the depths of human endeavor, from the heart of the earth to the finesse of a lace needle.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Idrija

Anthony's Main Road (Antonijev rov):

Venture into one of the oldest mine entrances in Europe, offering a glimpse into the challenging world of miners.

Idrija Lace School:

Discover the intricate art of lace-making and observe the delicate handiwork of local artisans.

Gewerkenegg Castle:

Overlooking the town, this 16th-century castle houses the Idrija Municipal Museum, chronicling the town's mining and lace-making history.

Kamšt Waterwheel:

A massive wooden waterwheel, once used for pumping water out of the mercury mine.

Miner’s House:

Experience the authentic living conditions of a miner's family in the 19th century.

The Divje Babe Archaeological Park:

Explore this prehistoric site known for the "Neanderthal flute," the oldest musical instrument in the world.

Wild Lake (Divje jezero):

A mesmerizing karst spring, offering serene views and a rich biodiversity.

Idrija War Museum:

Delve into the wartime history of the region, showcasing significant events and artefacts.

Hg Smeltery:

Explore the history of mercury extraction and processing in this well-preserved smelting facility.

Lace Festival:

Celebrate Idrija's lace-making tradition with workshops, exhibitions, and market stalls.

What else to visit
In and around Idrija

Ingolstadt (0 km)

Ingolstadt, perched on the banks of the Danube, is a harmonious blend of Bavarian traditions, medieval charm, and modern innovation. Famous for its fortress walls and automotive genius, the city beckons with tales old and new.

Predjama Castle (22.18 km)

Towering cliff and mythic tales of knights and treasure, Predjama Castle in Slovenia is more than just a fortress—it's a doorway to a world of wonder. Here, history, architecture, and natural beauty merge in a spectacular display of medieval ingenuity.

Postojna Cave (27.94 km)

Slovenia's Postojna Cave is a mesmerizing underground world, famous for its unique network of limestone caves. The jaw-dropping beauty of stalactite and stalagmite formations invites visitors to explore one of the world's largest karst monuments.

Škofja Loka (30.2 km)

Nestled amidst rolling hills and rivers, Škofja Loka presents an enchanting tableau of medieval Slovenia. Its cobbled streets, ancient townhouses, and storied castles transport visitors to an era where knights, poets, and artists thrived.

Skofja Loka (30.53 km)

Skofja Loka, nestled in the heart of Slovenia, is a medieval treasure trove that echoes tales of its thousand-year history through ancient streets and timeless architecture.

Skocjan Caves (37.32 km)

Venture into an underground realm of awe-inspiring beauty and scale at Škocjan Caves. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, this labyrinth of limestone passages, colossal chambers, and subterranean rivers captivates all who enter its depths.

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