Jardin Botanico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin

Escape into the verdant embrace of Jardin Botanico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin, a sanctuary of biodiversity preserving the natural heritage of the Yucatán Peninsula. Read more

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Visit Jardin Botanico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin in 2024

The Jardin Botanico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin, located just south of Puerto Morelos in Mexico, is a botanical garden dedicated to the conservation of the region's flora and fauna. Spanning approximately 65 hectares, it serves as a research center as well as a refuge for local wildlife. The garden was established in 1982 and named after the distinguished Mexican botanist Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin. Visitors can meander along its well-maintained paths and explore different ecosystems, including semi-evergreen tropical forests and mangroves. The garden also features a traditional Mayan house, an orchid house, a cactus garden, and a fern gully, providing an in-depth look at the botanical diversity of the area. With its emphasis on education and conservation, the garden offers guided tours to enlighten visitors about the importance of preserving these environments. It's an ideal destination for nature lovers, bird watchers, and anyone interested in the ecological wonders of the Yucatán.
This botanical garden not only celebrates the rich tapestry of Mexican plant life but also stands as a beacon of conservation efforts in the region. It provides an educational experience for all who walk its shaded paths, emphasizing the delicate balance between humans and nature.

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The most famous sights
Jardin Botanico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin

Mayan House (Casa Maya)

A replica of a traditional Mayan dwelling, providing insight into the indigenous culture and their harmonious way of life with nature.

Orchid House (Casa de las Orquídeas)

A greenhouse dedicated to the preservation of various local and regional orchid species, some of which are endangered.

Cactus Garden (Jardín de Cactáceas)

Home to an extensive collection of cacti and succulents, showcasing the adaptive strategies of plants in arid environments.

Fern Gully (Cañada de Helechos)

A humid and shaded area that provides the perfect microclimate for ferns and other moisture-loving plants.

Mangrove Forest (Manglar)

A crucial ecosystem represented in the garden that plays a vital role in coastal protection and as a nursery for marine life.

Medicinal Plants Section (Plants Medicinales)

An area devoted to plants that have been used for centuries by the Mayan people for their medicinal properties.

The Labyrinth (El Laberinto)

A maze made from local plants, offering a fun and interactive way for visitors to engage with the botanic environment.

Fauna of the Garden

While exploring, visitors might encounter a variety of birds, small mammals, and reptiles that call the garden home.

What else to visit
In and around Jardin Botanico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin

Cenotes Kin-Ha (23.25 km)

Plunge into the serene world of Cenotes Kin-Ha, an underground realm where nature’s artistry is unveiled in the Riviera Maya’s crystal-clear waters.

El Rey Archaeological Zone (26.97 km)

Nestled in the bustling heart of Cancun, the El Rey Archaeological Zone offers a serene retreat into the rich tapestry of Mayan history.

Playa del Carmen (30.14 km)

Nestled on the Yucatan Peninsula’s Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen is an enchanting coastal paradise, known for its powdery white sands, azure waters, and a vibrant fusion of Caribbean and Mexican cultures.

Cenote Chaak Tun (31.5 km)

Delve into the mystical waters of Cenote Chaak Tun, Playa del Carmen's subterranean wonder, where history whispers in the echoes of the ancient Maya.

Cancun (35 km)

Cancun, a glittering jewel in the Yucatan Peninsula, invites travelers to experience its azure waters, white sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife that defines the quintessential tropical paradise.

Xcaret (36.99 km)

Xcaret is a vibrant tapestry of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage and lush natural beauty, unfolding along the Riviera Maya as a festive eco-archaeological marvel.

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