Jardines de Mexico

Step into a horticultural paradise at Jardines de México, a vibrant canvas of lush landscapes and artful gardens in the heart of Morelos. Read more

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Visit Jardines de Mexico in 2024

Jardines de México, located in Jojutla, Morelos, is not just a garden; it is a grand exhibition of flora arranged in stunning designs across the largest floral park in the world. Spread over 51 hectares, the gardens are a celebration of nature's diversity and artistry, designed to inspire and educate visitors about environmental conservation and gardening. Each garden within the park showcases a different theme, ranging from the traditional Japanese and Italian designs to a whimsical children's garden. The Tropical Garden bursts with vibrant colors and exotic plants, while the Cacti Garden is a tribute to the desert's rugged beauty. There’s also a Sensory Garden, designed to stimulate the senses and often used for therapy. Jardines de México is also a venue for cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions, making it a living space where art and nature blend seamlessly. Throughout the year, the park features seasonal displays and flower shows that transform the space, offering a new experience with every visit.
Jardines de México provides a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, offering visitors a chance to reconnect with nature in an environment where beauty and tranquility reign supreme.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Jardines de Mexico

Japanese Garden

A tranquil oasis that captures the essence of Zen philosophy with its Koi ponds, tea house, and perfectly pruned bonsai trees.

Italian Garden

Wander through the Italian Renaissance inspired garden, complete with statues, fountains, and symmetrical layouts reminiscent of the grand villas of Italy.

Floral Fan

Be amazed by the Floral Fan, a signature feature of Jardines de México, which is a spectacular display of flowers arranged in a fan shape, visible from an elevated viewpoint.

Four Spring Garden

Experience the vibrant burst of spring in this garden, where thousands of flowers bloom in harmony, creating a breathtaking spectacle of color and life.

Children’s Garden

A delightful space designed to ignite the imaginations of young visitors, with playful sculptures, interactive installations, and plenty of room to explore.

What else to visit
In and around Jardines de Mexico

Archaeological Zone of Xochicalco (21.26 km)

Discover Xochicalco, an ancient fortress city whose name means "Place of the House of Flowers," a pre-Columbian marvel etched into the Mexican highlands.

Site Museum Xochicalco (21.51 km)

Discover ancient splendor at the Site Museum Xochicalco, a window into the complex urban life of a powerful pre-Columbian civilization in Mexico.

Grutas de Cacahuamilpa (24.26 km)

Embark on an underground odyssey at Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, Mexico's majestic subterranean wonder, home to one of the world's most spectacular cave systems.

Cuernavaca (35.83 km)

Cuernavaca, the "City of Eternal Spring," invites with its perennially pleasant climate, lush gardens, and rich tapestry of history and culture.

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