Unveil the medieval magic of Kreuzenstein, Austria, a stunning castle perched atop a hill, offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscapes and a step back into a bygone era. Read more

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Visit Kreuzenstein in 2024

Just a stone's throw away from Vienna lies Burg Kreuzenstein, a meticulously reconstructed castle that merges pieces of genuine medieval structures from all over Europe. With its towering spires, stout defensive walls, and hidden chambers, Kreuzenstein transports visitors to the medieval ages, offering a glimpse into the life and times of knights, lords, and the nobility. Although the castle's current form was reconstructed in the 19th century, it encapsulates the essence and charm of the medieval era. The interiors are adorned with authentic medieval artifacts, weapons, armor, and everyday household items, all artfully displayed in their original settings. This immersive experience is accentuated by the castle's surrounding lush woods, enhancing its regal and secluded ambiance.
Kreuzenstein stands as a testament to Austria's rich medieval legacy, offering visitors an unparalleled journey into the fascinating tapestry of history, architecture, and legends.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Kreuzenstein

Kreuzenstein Castle:

Explore the majestic rooms, chambers, and watchtowers, each telling tales of medieval grandeur and strategy.

The Armory:

A treasure trove of medieval weapons, armor, and warfare tools, highlighting the military prowess of the era.

The Castle Chapel:

A sacred space adorned with beautiful frescoes and religious artifacts, offering tranquility amidst the stronghold.

Medieval Kitchen:

Dive into the culinary world of the Middle Ages, understanding the preparation techniques and tools of the era.

The Falconry Center:

Witness majestic birds of prey in action, a throwback to the hunting traditions of medieval nobility.

The Dungeon:

Delve deep into the castle's eerie chambers, where prisoners of war and traitors were once held.

The Surrounding Woods:

Take a leisurely stroll around the castle's verdant surroundings, immersing in the serene beauty and local flora and fauna.

Guided Tours:

Gain in-depth insights into the history, legends, and architectural brilliance of the castle with expert guides.

Events and Festivals:

Throughout the year, Kreuzenstein hosts medieval-themed events, tournaments, and re-enactments, breathing life into history.

Panoramic Views:

Climb to the top towers and battlements for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, a true photographer's delight.

What else to visit
In and around Kreuzenstein

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Klosterneuburg is a charming Austrian town that boasts a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural treasures. Home to the renowned Klosterneuburg Monastery, this destination is a haven for history buffs and nature enthusiasts alike.

Vienna (19.37 km)

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a city rich in history, music and culture. Visit magnificent Baroque palaces, stroll through picturesque streets and sample traditional Viennese cuisine in one of the local cafés.

Vienna Day Trip (19.51 km)

Vienna is the national capital, largest city, and one of nine states of Austria.

Schonbrunn (21.66 km)

Austria's answer to Versailles—opulent, impressive, and seeped in history. Located in Vienna, it's a grand estate that has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions with its stunning architecture, sprawling gardens, and cultural heritage.

Vienna AirPort (33.74 km)

Serving as the gateway to Austria's enchanting capital, Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat) is a bustling transportation hub that showcases the country's efficiency, modernity, and warm hospitality.

Franzesburg (35.15 km)

Within the sprawling Laxenburg Parks near Vienna, Franzensburg Castle is a stunning example of architectural romanticism. Built to resemble a medieval fortress, this marvel invites you to explore its richly detailed rooms and charming surroundings.

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