Embark on a journey to Malbork, home to the world's largest brick castle, an awe-inspiring medieval fortress whose towering walls and rich history tell tales of Teutonic knights, sieges, and grandeur from centuries past. Read more

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Situated by the Nogat river, the Malbork Castle, also known as the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, stands as a testament to the architectural prowess and the might of the Teutonic Knights. Constructed in the 13th century, the castle expanded in subsequent years to accommodate the growing number of knights, making it the world's largest brick fortress. With its high defensive walls, imposing gates, and intricate interiors, it truly epitomizes medieval fortification artistry.
Beyond its architectural brilliance, Malbork Castle is deeply woven into Poland's tapestry of history. Originally serving as a fortress, it later became the residence for the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights and even acted as one of the main centers of European trade and diplomacy in the Middle Ages. The castle has also seen numerous battles and was significantly damaged during World War II. Post-war restorations revived its grandeur, and it now stands as a UNESCO World Heritage site, attracting tourists from around the globe.
Stepping into Malbork is like traversing through the pages of a rich medieval history book, where each stone, corridor, and chamber echoes tales from the past, waiting to be discovered and cherished.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Malbork

Nogat River

A picturesque river offering boat tours that provide stunning views of the Malbork Castle from the water.

Museum of the Teutonic Order

Located within the castle, it exhibits an array of medieval armors, weapons, and artifacts, shedding light on the history of the Teutonic Knights.

St. Mary's Church, Malbork

An old Gothic church in the city, showcasing beautiful frescoes and woodwork.

Liberation Mound

A hill memorial dedicated to the heroes who fought for Poland's freedom during various wars.

Dino Park

A fun-filled destination for families where you can explore life-sized dinosaur models amidst greenery.

Skarpa Malborska

A serene park ideal for walks, picnics, and enjoying views of the castle.

Town Square in Malbork

A lively area with cafes, restaurants, and shops offering a taste of local life.

Biała Góra

A nature reserve close to Malbork, perfect for hiking and nature observation.

Church of St. John the Baptist

Another prominent church in Malbork with historical significance.

Gothic Water Gate

An ancient gate that once controlled access from the river to the castle, beautifully preserved.

What else to visit
In and around Malbork

Gdansk (42.85 km)

Gdansk, located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, is one of the oldest cities in Poland, full of history and architectural gems. Its seaside location and rich culture make Gdansk a unique and unforgettable destination for any traveller.

Grudziadz (63.59 km)

Along the Vistula River, Grudziądz is a lesser-known Polish gem with a rich history dating back over a millennium. This picturesque town combines ancient architecture with natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination off Poland's beaten path.

Gyongyos (63.59 km)

Nestled at the foot of the Mátra Mountains, Gyöngyös beckons travelers with its rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes. As one of Hungary's oldest towns, it offers a tapestry of past eras interwoven with modern charm.

Czersk Castle (73.5 km)

Perched prominently above the Vistula River, Czersk Castle is a monumental testament to Poland's medieval history, with its ancient stone walls and towers narrating tales of knights, battles, and royal intrigues.

Toruń (116.61 km)

Discover the gothic grandeur of Toruń, a Polish gem renowned for its medieval charm, astronomical heritage, and the irresistible allure of gingerbread. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Toruń beckons with history, legends, and stunning architecture.

Bydgoszcz (121.59 km)

Bydgoszcz, situated on the Brda and Vistula rivers, is a city that seamlessly blends picturesque landscapes with significant cultural and industrial landmarks. Often referred to as the "Venice of Poland," its waterways and historic charm.

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