Located near the Austrian town of Linz, Mauthausen was once the site of one of the most notorious concentration camps during World War II. Today, it serves as a somber memorial and educational center, where the lesson of history should never be forgotten. Read more

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The Mauthausen Concentration Camp was established by the Nazis in 1938 and became one of the largest labor camp complexes in the Third Reich. Over 190,000 people were imprisoned here, and tens of thousands lost their lives. The camp was primarily used for forced labor, and the conditions were brutal. Prisoners worked in stone quarries, arms factories, and other grueling environments.
After World War II, the camp was liberated by U.S. troops and later turned into a memorial. Today, the site aims to educate visitors about the atrocities committed here and serves as a reminder of the consequences of unchecked power and discrimination. The Mauthausen Memorial includes various exhibitions, the original camp buildings, and a museum. Regular guided tours and educational programs are designed to give visitors a profound understanding of what happened during this dark chapter of human history.
The site is a haunting yet essential visit, bringing history to the forefront and challenging visitors to reflect on human rights, dignity, and the importance of never allowing such horrors to happen again.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Mauthausen

Mauthausen Museum

The museum features historical artifacts, documents, and photographs that offer a comprehensive look at the camp’s history.

Infirmary Barracks

Once used to house sick prisoners, this building now serves as part of the museum complex.

Quarry Stairs of Death

A brutal reminder of the forced labor that occurred, these stairs were part of the prisoners' daily ordeal.

Gas Chamber and Crematorium

A grim part of the complex where many lives were taken. It is preserved to educate the public about the extent of the atrocities.

Memorial Park

This park contains various memorials contributed by different countries to honor the victims.

Visitor Center

Information, guided tours, and educational resources are available here for visitors.

Audio Guide Tour

Available in multiple languages, the audio tour provides an in-depth understanding of the site.

Survivor Testimonies

Audio and video testimonies from survivors are an integral part of the educational experience.

Observation Tower

Though a painful reminder of the past, the tower provides a complete view of the camp, helping visitors grasp its scale.

Sculptures and Artworks

Various sculptures and artworks around the site serve as poignant reminders and tributes to the victims.

What else to visit
In and around Mauthausen

Linz (18.5 km)

Linz, a city on the banks of the blue Danube, is a dynamic centre of culture and technology in the upper part of Austria. With its historic heart and modern architectural jewels, this UNESCO-listed gem is a true paradise for art and technology lovers.

Steyr (23.55 km)

Steyr, a picturesque Austrian town, boasts a perfect blend of natural beauty and rich history. Located at the confluence of the rivers Steyr and Enns, it charms visitors with its architectural gems and inviting landscapes.

Kremsmunster Abbey (35.45 km)

Nestled in the Upper Austrian town of Kremsmünster, the historic Kremsmünster Abbey stands as a testament to the enduring influence of monastic communities in Europe.

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Nestled on the banks of the Vltava River, Vyšší Brod is a picturesque town with medieval charm, offering an intoxicating blend of historic landmarks, serene nature, and cultural experiences in the heart of the Czech Republic.

Rozmberk nad Vltavou (47.46 km)

Rožmberk nad Vltavou, a quaint town crowned by a grand castle, seems untouched by time, offering visitors an enchanting journey through the Czech Republic's illustrious past and picturesque landscapes.

Treetop Walkway Lipno (49.83 km)

Elevate your perspective and step above the verdant canopy at the Treetop Walkway Lipno, a unique treetop trail that offers a blend of nature, adventure, and breathtaking views, suspended high above the Bohemian Forest.

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