Bosnia and Herzegovina

A serene town that has become one of Europe's most visited pilgrimage sites. Bathed in tales of apparitions and divine messages, Medjugorje is a beacon of faith and hope for countless pilgrims from around the world. Read more

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Situated in the Herzegovina region, Medjugorje gained international attention in 1981 when six local children reported seeing visions of the Virgin Mary. Since then, millions have flocked to this tranquil town, seeking spiritual solace, enlightenment, and healing. The very essence of Medjugorje is steeped in prayer, reflection, and communion, making it a perfect sanctuary for those in pursuit of inner peace.
The reported apparitions have imbued the town with an atmosphere of miracles and mysteries. As pilgrims climb Apparition Hill, where the Virgin Mary first appeared, or make their way to the Blue Cross at the base of the hill, many report feelings of overwhelming emotion, spiritual epiphanies, and even physical healings.
Medjugorje, with its tales of divine appearances and its undisturbed aura, continues to inspire faith, offering an oasis for spiritual rejuvenation to all who visit.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Medugorje

Apparition Hill (Podbrdo)

The epicenter of Medjugorje's spiritual significance, this hill is where the Virgin Mary first appeared to the local children. The path is marked with bronze reliefs representing the mysteries of the rosary, guiding pilgrims in meditation.

St. James Church

The heart of religious activities in Medjugorje, this church hosts several daily masses, serving pilgrims in various languages.

Cross Mountain (Krizevac)

A place of reflection, this mountain is adorned with a large concrete cross, commemorating Jesus Christ's crucifixion.

Statue of the Risen Christ

This bronze statue is known for the mysterious phenomenon of liquid substance, believed by many to be "tears," occasionally seeping from one of the knees.

Mother's Village

An establishment offering refuge to orphaned and disadvantaged children, reflecting Medjugorje's spirit of charity and compassion.

Cenacolo Community

A place of transformation, this community aids young people battling addiction, harnessing the spiritual essence of Medjugorje for healing and renewal.

Vicka's House

The residence of Vicka, one of the visionaries, has become a site of interest for many pilgrims.

The Oasis of Peace

An international spiritual community dedicated to prayer and serving pilgrims.

The Blue Cross

A quieter spot for reflection and prayer, particularly during the busy pilgrimage seasons.

Medjugorje's Risen Christ Statue

Located behind St. James Church, this statue offers another serene spot for contemplation.

What else to visit
In and around Medugorje

Kravica Waterfalls (6.78 km)

Often hailed as the "Gem of Herzegovina," Kravica Waterfalls unfurls nature's splendor with its cascading waters and emerald-green lagoons, creating a picturesque haven for all who visit.

Pocitejl (8.7 km)

Mostar (19.81 km)

Mostar, a picturesque city nestled in the heart of Herzegovina, is renowned for its iconic Old Bridge arching gracefully over the cerulean Neretva River.

Ston (40.13 km)

Nestled on the southern coast of the Pelješac peninsula, Ston boasts ancient salt pans and the world's second-longest walls, offering a harmonious blend of nature, history, and gastronomy.

Makarska (53.56 km)

Nestled between the azure embrace of the Adriatic Sea and the rugged Biokovo Mountain, Makarska is Croatia's riviera gem. It's a fusion of sun-kissed beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich history that awaits every wanderer.

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