Memmingen is a small yet enchanting town that offers an idyllic blend of medieval charm and contemporary culture. Known as the "Gateway to the Allgäu," it serves as an excellent starting point for Alpine adventures. Read more

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Memmingen's history dates back over 850 years, showcasing an intriguing blend of old and new that can be seen in its architecture, customs, and lifestyle. The well-preserved medieval town center is adorned with half-timbered houses, quaint alleys, and old fortifications. Visitors can experience history firsthand by taking a stroll through market squares that have been active for centuries. The town is also a hub for regional art and culture, featuring theaters, galleries, and music venues that draw both locals and tourists. Although it's relatively small, Memmingen has a big heart, and it's not uncommon to stumble upon spontaneous performances or artsy pop-ups while wandering its streets. It's an oasis of tranquility but with enough cultural flair to keep you entertained.
Memmingen presents a delightful amalgamation of history, culture, and natural beauty, making it an underrated yet mesmerizing destination in Germany.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Memmingen

Memmingen Town Hall

One of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Southern Germany, the Town Hall's façade is adorned with frescoes and historical scenes.

St. Martin's Church

An architectural marvel with a mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles, it features stunning interiors and an iconic bell tower.

MEWO Kunsthalle

An art gallery that focuses on contemporary and modern art, providing a cultural touch to the historical town.

Strigel Museum

Located in the heart of the Old Town, this museum showcases works by the Strigel brothers, who were famous Renaissance painters.

The Westertor Tower

One of the remaining medieval gates that once protected the town, offering panoramic views from the top.

Memminger Meile

A vibrant shopping and dining street that encapsulates the town's contemporary spirit.


Built in 1847, this is one of the oldest surviving chain bridges in the world and offers a beautiful walk over the River Iller.

Landestheater Schwaben

A regional theater offering a wide range of productions, from classic plays to modern interpretations.


Known as the "Seven Roofs House," this unique building from the 15th century is now a museum illustrating Memmingen's history.


A 13th-century monastery that now houses administrative offices but remains an architectural gem worth visiting.

What else to visit
In and around Memmingen

Ottobeuren Abbey (9.52 km)

Ottobeuren Abbey, located in Bavaria, Germany, is a marvel of Baroque architecture and a spiritual sanctuary. Founded in the 8th century, the abbey stands as a magnificent testament to the religious and artistic achievements of the Catholic Church.

Landsberg am Lech (51.94 km)

Nestled on the banks of the River Lech, Landsberg am Lech is a Bavarian gem that captivates with its historic charm and natural beauty. Famous for its well-preserved medieval architecture, the town offers a trip back in time.

Oberjoch (54.46 km)

Oberjoch, nestled in the picturesque Bavarian Alps of Germany, is a serene mountain village celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes and superb ski slopes. This idyllic destination is perfect for both adventure seekers and those seeking tranquil nature

Hohle Fels (55.11 km)

Step into the depths of time at Hohle Fels, a renowned archaeological site in Germany. This ancient cave in the Swabian Jura is not only a gateway to the Paleolithic age but also the discovery site of the world's oldest known figurative art piece.

Steingaden (59.17 km)

Nestled in the heart of Bavaria, Steingaden is a serene German village with a rich cultural tapestry. Known for the stunning Wieskirche, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Steingaden offers a blend of natural beauty and architectural marvels.

Lindau Island (60.87 km)

Lindau Island, an idyllic Bavarian town located on the eastern side of Lake Constance, offers a picturesque escape filled with medieval charm. This island boasts historic architecture, cobblestone streets, and captivating views of the Swiss Alps.

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