Czech Republic

Mikulov, a charming town in South Moravia, beckons with its blend of rich history, sumptuous wine culture, and captivating architecture. Surrounded by vineyards and limestone hills, it's a must-visit for travelers in the Czech Republic. Read more

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Visit Mikulov in 2024

Mikulov serves as a gateway to the South Moravian wine region, known for its high-quality vintages. This scenic town is dominated by Mikulov Castle, a stunning piece of architecture that houses a regional museum. It has a rich religious history and was an important center for the Jewish community, evidenced by its well-preserved Jewish Quarter and cemetery. The town square is an enchanting site where visitors can find beautifully restored Renaissance and Baroque houses. Throughout the year, Mikulov hosts various cultural and wine festivals that bring the town's traditions and history to life. Outdoor lovers will appreciate the nearby Palava Hills, a natural reserve perfect for hiking and bird-watching. Here, history, culture, and natural beauty converge, making Mikulov a compelling destination for various interests.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Mikulov

Mikulov Castle

An architectural gem housing a museum that tells the town's rich history, with panoramic views from the tower.

Jewish Quarter and Cemetery

A historic district that provides a glimpse into Mikulov’s multicultural past, particularly its Jewish heritage.

Holy Hill

This pilgrimage site offers stunning views of the town and surrounding vineyards, along with a chapel and Stations of the Cross.

Palava Hills

A nature reserve ideal for hiking, with unique limestone formations and diverse flora and fauna.

Mikulov Square

The heart of the town, filled with pastel-colored houses, cafes, and the stunning Dietrichstein tomb.

Wine Festivals

Seasonal wine festivals where you can sample regional vintages and learn about Czech viticulture.

Svatý Kopeček

A smaller hill near Holy Hill, offering another hiking opportunity and panoramic views.

Plague Column

A Baroque monument in the main square, erected in gratitude for the end of a plague epidemic.

Regional Museum

Located within the castle, this museum offers exhibits ranging from art to ethnography.

Aqua Park

For a change of pace, visit this nearby aqua park, which offers pools and slides, making it a family-friendly attraction.

What else to visit
In and around Mikulov

Lednice Chateau (12.3 km)

Located in South Moravia, Lednice Chateau is a part of the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage site that includes the Valtice Chateau and the surrounding parklands.

Sonberk Winery (14.24 km)

Sonberk Winery, located in the heart of the South Moravian wine region. Overlooking the breathtaking Palava Hills, this modern winery is a fusion of tradition, innovative technology, and a deep respect for nature.

Slavkov (42.43 km)

Slavkov, better known as Austerlitz, is a quaint town in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. The name Austerlitz is forever etched in history due to the monumental Battle of Austerlitz, a decisive engagement during the Napoleonic Wars.

Brno (43.43 km)

Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, is a harmonious blend of historical monuments and modern life, all set in the picturesque surroundings of South Moravia.

Kreuzenstein (52.82 km)

Unveil the medieval magic of Kreuzenstein, Austria, a stunning castle perched atop a hill, offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscapes and a step back into a bygone era.

Namest nad Oslavou (56.88 km)

Nestled on the banks of the Oslava River, Namest nad Oslavou is a picturesque Czech town boasting medieval charm, a stunning chateau, and natural beauty. A haven for history lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, this hidden gem promises an enriching experience.

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