Milfontes is where the River Mira kisses the Atlantic, offering travelers an enchanting blend of natural beauty, history, and local charm. This Alentejo gem is a sanctuary for those in search of both adventure and serenity. Read more

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Situated in the heart of Portugal’s Alentejo Coast, Milfontes is often referred to as the "Princess of Alentejo." Renowned for its stunning beaches and the estuary of the River Mira, this picturesque town provides a host of experiences ranging from water sports to fine dining. Milfontes is also deeply rooted in history, with landmarks dating back to the 16th century, when it was built to protect against pirate invasions. The relaxed atmosphere, charming cobblestone streets, and local cuisine make it a must-visit. And let's not forget the magnificent sunsets that seem as if they were made to be observed from the castle or the lighthouse, turning the sky into a palette of breathtaking hues.
From its strategic position overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to the tranquility of its river estuary, Milfontes is a destination that captures the heart with its natural allure and historical richness.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Milfontes

Castelo de Milfontes

This 16th-century castle offers panoramic views of the town and is a reminder of Portugal’s rich maritime history.

Praia das Furnas

A popular beach known for its golden sands and serene atmosphere, perfect for a family outing or a relaxing swim.

River Mira Estuary

The estuary offers opportunities for boating, kayaking, and observing local wildlife, providing a unique way to explore the region.

Lighthouse Beach (Praia do Farol)

Another beach known for its stunning views, especially during sunset, and popular among surfers.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Graça

This historic church, built in the 17th century, is known for its beautiful tiles and serene atmosphere.

Mercado de Vila Nova de Milfontes

A local market where you can buy fresh produce, fish, and local crafts, capturing the essence of everyday life in Milfontes.

Porto Covo

A nearby fishing village worth a visit for its quaint charm and beautiful beaches.

Rota Vicentina

A network of walking trails that pass through Milfontes, providing excellent opportunities for hiking and bird-watching.

Praia do Malhão

A more secluded beach, ideal for those looking for privacy and natural beauty.

Local Gastronomy

The town offers a range of local Alentejo cuisine, especially seafood dishes that are not to be missed.

What else to visit
In and around Milfontes

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Comporta (68.1 km)

Comporta, a tranquil coastal haven tucked amidst Portugal's Alentejo region. Boasting pristine beaches, verdant rice fields, and a laid-back vibe, Comporta is the epitome of understated luxury, where nature and sophistication find their perfect harmony.

Castelo de Silves (69.57 km)

Majestically overlooking the town of Silves, Castelo de Silves stands as an enduring testament to Portugal's rich Moorish heritage, offering a journey through time within its red sandstone walls.

Portimao (71.94 km)

Tucked into Portugal's Algarve coast, Portimão beckons with golden beaches, a rich seafaring legacy, and a pulsating nightlife. This vibrant town, with its marinas and waterfronts, is a haven for sunseekers, foodies, and water sports enthusiasts alike.

Lagos (73.33 km)

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Nestled on a slender peninsula in southern Portugal, Tróia is a luxurious escape where azure waters meet golden sands. A harmonious blend of nature, history, and modernity, Tróia promises a getaway that rejuvenates both body and soul.

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