Nestled in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, Modena is a fusion of ancient charm and modern luxury. Famed for its balsamic vinegar, opera heritage, and fast cars, the city offers a sensory exploration for every visitor. Read more

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Renowned worldwide for its automotive giants like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati, Modena is much more than just a hub for motor enthusiasts. The city, with its cobblestone streets, medieval structures, and classic Italian piazzas, offers a rich tapestry of culture, gastronomy, and history. It's a place where culinary traditions, like the famous Modena balsamic vinegar and Lambrusco wine, meet the roaring engines of some of the world's most coveted supercars.
Modena, while at the forefront of modern engineering with its supercars, remains deeply rooted in its past. It's a place where every alley whispers tales of history, every meal is a celebration, and passion—be it for food, music, or cars—drives the soul of the city.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Modena

Modena Cathedral (Duomo di Modena)

A UNESCO World Heritage site, this magnificent 12th-century cathedral is an epitome of Romanesque architecture and houses a variety of religious artworks.

Ghirlandina Tower

Standing tall beside the cathedral, this tower offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside.

Enzo Ferrari Museum

Celebrating the life and work of the man behind Ferrari, this museum showcases iconic cars and delves into the history of the brand.

Palazzo dei Musei

A cultural complex housing various institutions, including the Estense Gallery, which exhibits a collection of Renaissance artworks.

Modena's Historical Center

Wander through charming streets, dotted with medieval and renaissance buildings, and explore Piazza Grande, the city's main square.

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Producers

Take a tour of one of the traditional acetaias, where the world-famous Modena balsamic vinegar is produced.

Luciano Pavarotti's House

Located just outside Modena, visit the home of the legendary tenor and get an intimate look into his life.

Mercato Albinelli

A bustling market in the heart of the city, offering fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and other regional specialties.

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Ghiara

A Baroque marvel, this church boasts intricate frescoes and ornate interiors.

Maserati Factory and Showroom

Explore the world of Maserati with a guided tour, gaining insights into the making of these luxury vehicles.

What else to visit
In and around Modena

Ferrari Museum (13.98 km)

Dive deep into the legacy of the prancing horse at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. Experience the passion, innovation, and speed that defines Ferrari, showcasing its iconic cars and illustrious racing heritage.

Lamborghini Museum (15.89 km)

The Lamborghini Museum in Sant'Agata Bolognese offers a thrilling journey through the iconic brand's evolution. From vintage models to contemporary masterpieces, the museum celebrates Lamborghini's marriage of art and engineering.

Bologna (37.12 km)

Bologna, a historic city with a rich cultural heritage, is home to the oldest university in the world. Famous for its arcades and gastronomy, it is a destination that will enchant all travellers.

Polirone Abbey (39.56 km)

This majestic Benedictine monastery, with its imposing walls and storied chambers, beckons pilgrims and travelers alike into a narrative interwoven with faith, art, and history.

Parma (50.36 km)

Nestled in Northern Italy, Parma is a symphony of Renaissance art, architectural wonders, and a world-renowned culinary legacy. This city, famous for its cheese and prosciutto, is a delightful fusion of taste and beauty.

Torrechiara Castle (50.81 km)

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Parma, Torrechiara Castle is a romantic and formidable fortress, echoing tales of love and chivalry. Its golden stones and intricately frescoed interiors make it a captivating testament to 15th-century Italian artistry.

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