Morimondo Abbey

A harmonious blend of Romanesque and Gothic architectural elements, the abbey whispers tales from medieval times, enveloping visitors in an atmosphere of tranquil devotion. Read more

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Visit Morimondo Abbey in 2024

Founded in the 12th century, Morimondo Abbey (Abbazia di Morimondo) was established by Cistercian monks who sought a secluded place to practice their faith away from the distractions of the world. Located just a short distance from Milan, the abbey's unadorned yet majestic structure is emblematic of the Cistercian commitment to a life of austerity and contemplation. The architecture, characterized by stark lines and an absence of excessive ornamentation, resonates deeply with the Cistercian philosophy. Over the centuries, the abbey has played a crucial role in the region's religious and agricultural development, fostering a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding communities.
Morimondo Abbey offers more than just historical insights; it provides a soulful journey into the depths of monastic life. Whether you're drawn by its architectural elegance, spiritual ambiance, or the tranquil rhythms of nature, the abbey serves as a haven of peace and contemplation.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Morimondo Abbey

Church of St. Mary

At the heart of the abbey, this Romanesque-Gothic church radiates spiritual serenity, enhanced by its simplistic interiors and ethereal acoustics.

Monastic Cloister

Enclosed by graceful arcades, the cloister offers a space for meditation, its silent corridors echoing with monastic chants from days gone by.

Abbey Museum

Dive deep into the monastic history of Morimondo, exploring artifacts, liturgical objects, and manuscripts that chart the abbey's evolution over time.


A sacred space where monks once painstakingly transcribed and illuminated manuscripts, preserving knowledge for posterity.


Once a communal dining area, the refectory stands as a testament to the shared lives of the monks, its walls bearing frescoes of biblical scenes.

Herb Garden

Rediscover the monastic traditions of herb cultivation in this aromatic garden, where medicinal and culinary herbs flourish.

Monk's Dormitory

Peek into the spartan living quarters of the Cistercian monks, showcasing their commitment to a life devoid of material excess.

Abbey's Surrounding Farmlands

Wander through the verdant fields and orchards, reflecting the abbey's symbiotic relationship with agriculture and nature.

Traditional Workshops

Engage with the local community during periodic workshops that showcase traditional crafts, from pottery to herbal remedy preparation.

Sacred Music Concerts

At specific times of the year, the abbey becomes a venue for sacred music concerts, its hallowed halls amplifying the celestial harmonies.

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