Nazaré is where folklore meets adrenaline, a unique coastal town in Portugal known as much for its Our Lady of Nazaré Sanctuary as for its mammoth waves that attract surfers from around the world. Here, tradition and thrill coexist in sublime harmony. Read more

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Nestled along the Silver Coast, Nazaré is a fishing village turned surfing Mecca. While the town's rich history and devotion to Our Lady of Nazaré give it a tranquil and timeless feel, the monstrous waves offer a contrasting thrill, particularly at the renowned Praia do Norte. Local fishermen in their traditional "traje a Nazareno" and women wearing seven skirts represent the cultural facets of Nazaré. Meanwhile, its unique underwater canyon just offshore amplifies ocean swells, creating some of the world's largest surfable waves and turning the spot into a playground for extreme surfers. With delicious seafood restaurants, a vibrant square, and a picturesque funicular connecting the beach to the Sitio, the town's higher district, Nazaré offers a variety of experiences that cater to a broad audience.
Whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking the thrill of monster waves, a culture enthusiast fascinated by maritime traditions, or a foodie on the hunt for the freshest seafood, Nazaré promises an unforgettable experience.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Nazaré

Praia do Norte

The world-famous beach known for hosting some of the biggest waves ever surfed, often topping 100 feet.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré

A pilgrimage site with a rich history, offering panoramic views of the ocean and the town below.

Fort of São Miguel Arcanjo

This fort hosts a small museum dedicated to the culture of surfing and provides excellent views of Praia do Norte.

Nazaré Funicular

Connecting the beach with the Sitio, this funicular offers a charming and convenient ride with stunning views.

Mercado Municipal

A lively local market where you can purchase fresh produce, meats, and, of course, fish.

Church of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré

Located in the Sitio, this 17th-century church is an integral part of the town's spiritual and cultural fabric.

Nazaré Lighthouse

Perched on steep cliffs, it offers excellent photo opportunities, especially during high tide and big swells.

Museum Dr. Joaquim Manso

This museum offers insights into the cultural and religious history of Nazaré and the surrounding region.


A nearby historic village that provides a quieter alternative to Nazaré with its own unique character.

Seafood Restaurants

Along the beachfront and in town, numerous restaurants serve up fresh seafood, including the famed caldeirada (fish stew).

What else to visit
In and around Nazaré

Alcobaça (10.12 km)

In the shadow of a monumental monastery, Alcobaça unfolds its tapestry of history, romance, and timeless Portuguese culture. A place where ancient stone whispers tales of love and tragedy, this town beckons the hearts of those who seek profound stories.

Sao Martinho Do Porto (10.54 km)

Hidden gem on Portugal's Silver Coast. Famous for its stunning shell-shaped bay and golden beaches, this coastal paradise offers a tranquil haven for travelers looking for a blend of natural beauty and traditional Portuguese charm.

Sao Pedro de Moel (17.88 km)

São Pedro de Moel, a quaint seaside village in Portugal, is where the forested hills of the Leiria Pine Forest meet the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Known for its stunning beaches and outdoor activities.

Marinha Grande (20.28 km)

Nestled between the allure of sparkling glassware and the soothing waves of the Atlantic, Marinha Grande is Portugal's hidden gem. This town marries industrial artistry with natural beauty, creating a destination as unique as it is charming.

Batalha (22.14 km)

Steeped in history and legends, Batalha stands as a testament to Portugal's medieval grandeur. With Gothic spires reaching for the sky and stories of ancient battles echoing through its streets, Batalha offers a journey into a glorious past, set in stone.

Foz de Arelho (22.2 km)

Where the mighty Óbidos Lagoon kisses the vast Atlantic, Foz de Arelho emerges as a mesmerizing blend of serene waterscapes and rugged coastal beauty, creating Portugal's unique seaside paradise.

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