Set beside the shimmering waters of Lake Neuchâtel, the city of Neuchâtel showcases Switzerland's magnificent blend of French charm and Swiss precision. Its medieval heart and innovative spirit make Neuchâtel a rendezvous of history and modernity. Read more

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Neuchâtel, the capital of the canton bearing its name, unfolds an enchanting tale of times gone by with its hilltop château, winding alleys, and historic townhouses. While the city stands proud with its history dating back over a millennium, it also thrives as a hub for precision engineering and watchmaking, earning a reputable spot in the world of Swiss horology. The surrounding Jura mountains and vineyard-coated terrains further amplify its beauty, offering myriad outdoor pursuits.
Neuchâtel's allure isn't just in its historical fabric but in the way it has embraced the future, making it an essential visit for anyone venturing to Switzerland.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Neuchatel

Neuchâtel Castle

Dominating the city skyline, this medieval château has served as the residence of the canton's administrative authorities for centuries. The castle's towers provide panoramic views of the city and the lake.

International Clock-making Museum (Musée international d'horlogerie)

Honoring the city's deep-rooted association with watchmaking, this museum showcases an incredible array of clocks, chronometers, and horological artifacts.

Lake Neuchâtel

Switzerland’s largest lake entirely within its borders, its shores provide numerous recreational activities, including sailing, fishing, and beach lounging.

Old Town

A maze of cobbled streets and squares, this is where you'll find the essence of Neuchâtel, with its historic townhouses, fountains, and vibrant atmosphere.

The Collegiale Church

A beautiful example of Gothic architecture, this church is known for its stained-glass windows and the intricate details of its façade.

Jardin Anglais

A beautifully landscaped garden beside the lake, ideal for leisurely strolls and soaking in picturesque views.


An archaeological museum set in a contemporary architectural masterpiece, it showcases artifacts from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages.

Caves of Vallorbe

A short drive from Neuchâtel, these are some of Switzerland's most impressive limestone caves with stunning stalactites and stalagmites formations.

Chaumont Panoramic Funicular Railway

Ascend to the summit and get treated to breathtaking views of the Alps, the Jura, and the lakes.

Botanical Garden

Housing a diverse collection of plants, this garden is both educational and aesthetically pleasing.

What else to visit
In and around Neuchatel

Murten (15.89 km)

Journey to the quaint town of Murten, where medieval charm meets serene lakeside views, creating a tapestry of history and natural beauty in Switzerland's Fribourg region.

Bern (39.58 km)

Picture a city where medieval charm meets modern lifestyle, encased by the breathtaking Swiss Alps—welcome to Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

Cailler (44.62 km)

In the serene Swiss pre-Alps, Cailler is not just a place but a sensory journey into the rich world of chocolate, surrounded by verdant valleys and age-old traditions.

Castle of Gruyeres (46.59 km)

Perched atop a hill, the Castle of Gruyères stands as a majestic sentinel, weaving tales of knights, noble families, and art, all set against the backdrop of Switzerland's mesmerizing landscapes.

Solothurn Cathedral (52.07 km)

Standing proudly within the charming old town of Solothurn, the St. Ursus Cathedral dominates the cityscape with its twin towers and baroque architectural brilliance.

Lausanne (56.99 km)

Perched on the northern shore of Lake Geneva, Lausanne boasts of its Olympic legacy, enchanting old town, and mesmerizing Alpine panoramas. As a fusion of vibrant urban life and lakeside tranquility, it offers a unique charm to travelers.

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