Notre Dame du Haut

Perched atop a hill in Ronchamp, Notre Dame du Haut is not just a chapel; it's an architectural marvel. Designed by the iconic Le Corbusier, this masterpiece reimagines sacred spaces, harmonizing modernism with spiritual transcendence. Read more

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Visit Notre Dame du Haut in 2024

The Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut, completed in 1955, stands as one of the finest examples of Le Corbusier's later works and a pinnacle of 20th-century religious architecture. Breaking away from traditional ecclesiastical designs, Le Corbusier crafted a sanctuary that seems both earthbound and ethereal. Its undulating walls, asymmetrical towers, and the unique play of light and shadow within create an atmosphere of introspection and wonder. The chapel's organic forms seem to rise from the earth, while its sweeping roof, resembling a nun's wimple, draws the eyes towards the heavens. Every element, from the irregularly placed windows to the free-form canopy, is intentional, reflecting Le Corbusier's vision of a place where the divine and human worlds meet.
Notre Dame du Haut, beyond its religious significance, is a pilgrimage site for architects and design enthusiasts. Its groundbreaking design, set against the backdrop of Ronchamp's natural beauty, offers a unique spiritual and aesthetic experience to all who visit.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Notre Dame du Haut

The Main Chapel Space

Experience a serene ambiance with a play of light filtering through the distinctive windows, creating a mosaic of colors and patterns on the floor and walls.

Roof Terrace

Accessible via a spiral staircase, it offers panoramic views of the Vosges mountains and the Bourlémont hill.

Bell Tower

The freestanding tower, with its unique design, adds a dramatic touch to the chapel's silhouette against the sky.

Pilgrimage Altar

Located outdoors, this is where the annual Assumption Day pilgrimage mass is celebrated, drawing devotees from far and wide.

The Refectory

A testament to Le Corbusier's minimalist style, this space is characterized by its simplicity and function.

The Monastic Building

An addition to the complex, designed by Renzo Piano, it houses nuns from the Clarisses order and offers a space for retreat and contemplation.

Chapel's Exterior Walls

The chunky, textured walls, painted in white, showcase an interplay of curves and angles, exemplifying Le Corbusier's revolutionary design ethos.

Meditation Space

A secluded corner within the chapel that allows visitors to meditate or reflect in silence.

Visitor Center

Provides insights into the chapel's history, Le Corbusier's vision, and the site's significance in the architectural world.

Natural Surroundings

The chapel's setting amidst the lush greenery and rolling hills enhances its tranquil and spiritual aura.

What else to visit
In and around Notre Dame du Haut

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