Oeiras, a gem nestled between Lisbon and Cascais along Portugal's Atlantic coast, brilliantly blends historical allure with modern sophistication. Read more

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With its stunning beaches, scientific hubs, and Baroque architecture, it's a town where the past and future coexist harmoniously. Often overlooked in favor of its more famous neighbors, Oeiras is a multi-faceted town that's worth a closer look. Known as Portugal's 'Silicon Valley,' it is a center for technology and innovation, housing various research institutions and multinational companies. Despite its modern inclinations, Oeiras also boasts a rich history evident in its well-preserved landmarks, including the opulent Palace of the Marquis of Pombal and the iconic Fort of São Julião da Barra. The town's seafront promenade is a favorite among both locals and tourists, offering superb views of the Atlantic, as well as an array of restaurants and cafes where you can sample traditional Portuguese cuisine. Add to this the allure of beautiful beaches like Praia de Carcavelos, and you have a destination that offers a balanced mix of work and play.
Oeiras presents a unique blend of the traditional and the contemporary, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and intellectual stimulation. Whether you're interested in history, technology, or simply soaking up the sun, Oeiras has something for everyone.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Oeiras

Palace of the Marquis of Pombal

An 18th-century estate featuring beautifully landscaped gardens and an intricate interior, once home to Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, the first Marquis of Pombal.

Fort of São Julião da Barra

A massive coastal defense fort that has protected Lisbon's harbor for centuries, now used for government functions but still an impressive sight.

Praia de Carcavelos

One of the largest and most popular beaches between Lisbon and Cascais, known for its wide stretch of sand and excellent surf conditions.

Oeiras Parque

A large shopping mall that offers a variety of international and local brands, as well as entertainment options.

Poets Park

A beautiful green space dedicated to Portuguese poets, featuring sculptures, landscaped gardens, and serene walking paths.

Vasco da Gama Aquarium

An educational center focusing on marine life, perfect for families looking to learn more about the ocean's ecosystem.

Quinta Real de Caxias

A historic estate known for its ornamental cascading waterfall and beautiful gardens.

Oeiras Marina

A vibrant area filled with boats, yachts, and a range of dining and shopping options, perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

Oeiras Golf & Residence

A well-maintained golf course offering excellent facilities for both pros and beginners.

INATEL Oeiras Hotel

This unique hotel is actually a converted 18th-century fortress and offers spectacular ocean views.

What else to visit
In and around Oeiras

Carcavelos (2.85 km)

Bask in the radiant glow of Carcavelos, a coastal gem where golden sands meet the rolling Atlantic. Just a short journey from Lisbon, Carcavelos seamlessly combines beach bliss with historical intrigue, drawing sun-seekers and culture enthusiasts alike.

Palace of Queluz (7.25 km)

Discover the Palace of Queluz, Portugal's answer to Versailles, where opulent Rococo interiors meld seamlessly with mesmerizing landscaped gardens, capturing the essence of 18th-century European splendor.

Estoril (7.53 km)

Nestled on the sun-kissed Portuguese Riviera, Estoril weaves a spellbinding tale of golden beaches, glamorous casinos, and the whispers of espionage and intrigue from days of World War II. A rendezvous with luxury and history awaits.

Cascais (9.99 km)

Whisk yourself away to the enchanting town of Cascais, where the charm of old-world Portugal meets the allure of the Atlantic. Once a royal getaway, today's Cascais seamlessly melds its rich history with sun-soaked modern-day luxuries.

Caparica (10.32 km)

Embrace the sun-kissed beaches of Caparica, where golden sands stretch as far as the eye can see and waves beckon surfers from around the world. Just a stone's throw from Lisbon, this coastal gem offers an idyllic escape from city life.

Costa Da Caparica (12.51 km)

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