Oestrich - Winkel

Nestled along the Rhine River, Oestrich-Winkel welcomes you with open arms, embodying the quintessence of Rhinegau's wine culture and the tranquility of picturesque German towns. Read more

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Located in the renowned Rheingau wine region, Oestrich-Winkel is the union of once three separate towns: Oestrich, Mittelheim, and Winkel. It boasts a rich viticultural legacy, producing some of Germany's finest Rieslings. Beyond the vineyards, this town carries a weight of history, with medieval architecture and ancient churches juxtaposed against the serene backdrop of the Rhine. Local festivals, particularly those celebrating the wine harvest, echo with joviality and deep-rooted traditions, inviting everyone to become part of Oestrich-Winkel's tapestry of life.
Oestrich-Winkel encapsulates the beauty of the Rhinegau region, presenting a harmonious blend of rich wine traditions, historical landmarks, and the natural splendor of the Rhine. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or a history buff, the town promises enriching experiences at every turn.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Oestrich-Winkel

Oestricher Kran

An ancient wine-loading crane on the banks of the Rhine, it stands as a testament to the town's rich wine trading history.


Once the residence of the Brentano family, this historic building played host to the famous German writer, Goethe.

Parish Church of St. Walburga

A beautiful gothic church, it houses artistic treasures and boasts intricate stained-glass windows.

Eberbach Monastery (Kloster Eberbach)

Located nearby, this former Cistercian monastery played a role in the wine industry and was a filming location for "The Name of the Rose."

Schloss Vollrads

One of the oldest wine estates in the world, it offers wine tastings and a deep dive into Rheingau's wine-making legacy.

Mittelheim Saint Aegidius Church

A historic church that showcases the Romanesque architectural style typical of the region.

Rhine River Promenade

Stroll along the tranquil banks of the Rhine, soaking in the views of vineyards, castles, and passing ships.

Oestrich-Winkel Wine Festivals

Partake in the jovial celebrations that honor the region's renowned Rieslings and other varietals.

Local Vineyards and Wine Cellars

Explore the scenic vineyards, understand the nuances of grape cultivation, and sample exquisite wines right from the source.

Historic Timber-framed Houses

Scattered throughout the town, these charming structures offer a glimpse into the architectural styles of bygone eras.

What else to visit
In and around Oestrich - Winkel

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Frankfurt Airport, known as Flughafen Frankfurt am Main in German, stands as one of the world's busiest airports. This major transportation hub combines state-of-the-art facilities with efficiency, offering travelers a gateway to Europe and beyond.

Marksburg (39.26 km)

Perched majestically on a hill along the Rhine River, Marksburg Castle stands as one of the most well-preserved medieval fortresses in Germany.

Frankfurt Airport (39.27 km)

Frankfurt Airport, one of the busiest in the world, is the beating heart of German and European air traffic. With more than 60 million passengers a year and connections to more than 300 destinations.

Frankfurt Am Main (48.66 km)

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Messel (52.36 km)

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