Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale, nestled in the heart of Venice, Italy, stands as a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. This historic palace captivates visitors with its grandeur and rich history, making it an essential stop in the magical city of Venice. Read more

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Visit Palazzo Ducale in 2024

Palazzo Ducale, or the Doge's Palace, is a symbol of Venice's rich and intricate past. This awe-inspiring palace was once the residence of the Doge, the supreme authority of the former Venetian Republic. Built in Venetian Gothic style, the palace exudes an air of grandiosity and elegance. Its ornate façade, overlooking the Piazza San Marco, offers a mesmerizing display of arched windows, delicate stone work, and intricate sculptures. Inside, the palace houses an abundance of art, including works by renowned artists like Tintoretto and Veronese. The grandiose Scala d’Oro (Golden Staircase) and the opulent Sala del Maggior Consiglio (Hall of the Great Council) are particularly breathtaking. The palace is also infamous for its prisons and the Bridge of Sighs, where prisoners would catch their last glimpse of Venice. A visit here offers a journey through the corridors of power, art, and history, providing an immersive experience into the soul of Venice.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Palazzo Ducale

Bridge of Sighs

An iconic structure connecting the Palazzo Ducale to the prisons, it offers a poignant reminder of Venice's judicial past.

Basilica di San Marco

A marvel of Byzantine architecture, this cathedral is famous for its opulent design and golden mosaics.

Campanile di San Marco

Offering panoramic views of Venice, this bell tower is a symbol of the city's architectural prowess.

Rialto Bridge

The oldest bridge crossing the Grand Canal, known for its distinctive architecture and bustling market.

Teatro La Fenice

One of Italy's most famous and renowned opera houses, offering a rich program of performances.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

A modern art museum housing an impressive collection of 20th-century European and American art.

Gallerie dell'Accademia

Home to a rich collection of Venetian art from the Byzantine to the Rococo period.

Ca' Rezzonico

A museum dedicated to 18th-century Venice, housed in a grand palazzo on the Grand Canal.

Murano Island

Famous for its long-standing tradition of glassmaking, offering demonstrations and a museum of glass.

Burano Island

Known for its brightly colored fishermen's houses and traditional lace making.

What else to visit
In and around Palazzo Ducale

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