Paris Orly Airport

Paris Orly Airport stands as a vital gateway to the romance of Paris and the charm of France, inviting travelers to step into a world where modernity meets rich history. Read more

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Visit Paris Orly Airport in 2024

As Paris' second-largest airport, Orly has been a symbol of French aviation since 1932. Situated just 13 kilometers south of Paris, Orly Airport is a bustling hub for domestic and international flights, serving as a pivotal link between the iconic French capital and destinations across the globe. The airport itself, divided into four main terminals, is equipped with a plethora of amenities designed to cater to the needs of the modern traveler – from luxury shopping and gourmet dining to quiet lounges and play areas for children. Art installations and a sleek, modern design make the travel experience here uniquely Parisian. While primarily focused on flights to cities in Europe, the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, and North America, Orly Airport also prides itself on efficient connectivity to various modes of transport, including trams, buses, and the Orlyval light rail, providing seamless access to the heart of Paris and beyond. Not just a point of transit, the airport’s lounges and terraces offer stunning views of take-offs and landings, a prelude to the wonders of French culture and landscape awaiting beyond its gates.
Paris Orly Airport is more than a stopover; it's an integral part of the French travel experience, promising a seamless transition from sky to the storied streets of France.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Paris Orly Airport

The Orlyval Light Rail

Connecting passengers to the heart of Paris, this automated metro service is an engineering marvel and the quickest way to begin your Parisian adventure.

Play Areas for Children

Family-friendly spaces where young travelers can play and unwind before the next leg of their journey, ensuring a more relaxed experience for everyone.

Shopping at Paris Orly

From luxury boutiques to duty-free favorites, the shopping options allow for a taste of Parisian retail therapy without leaving the airport.

Dining at Paris Orly

A gastronomic journey awaits with a variety of dining options that reflect France's reputation as a global culinary capital, from quick snacks to sit-down meals.

Airport Art Exhibitions

Discover installations and exhibits throughout the terminals that showcase the airport's commitment to cultural expression.

Observation Decks

Spectacular vantage points to watch the ballet of aircraft against the backdrop of the Parisian skyline.

Lounge Areas

Rest and rejuvenate in style at any of the exclusive lounges, which offer comfort, connectivity, and some Parisian chic.

Paris by Train

With direct links to the RER and TGV trains, exploring further afield in France is both convenient and quick.

Promenade Plantée

Accessible via a short train ride, this elevated park offers a unique green space inspired by New York City’s High Line.

Château de Versailles

While not directly around the corner, a trip to this regal palace and its gardens is a must-do, easily accessible from Orly for those with a longer layover or a Parisian itinerary.

What else to visit
In and around Paris Orly Airport

Notre-Dame Cathedral In Tournai (13.64 km)

A masterpiece of medieval architecture, the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai stands as an emblem of the city's spiritual and artistic heritage. This UNESCO site captures hearts with its Gothic spires, intricate sculptures, and timeless grandeur.

Paris (13.93 km)

Paris, the so-called "City of Lights", is the heart of France, full of romance, history and unforgettable atmosphere. Don't miss this jewel among cities, where every corner hides a new story.

Palace of Versailles (19.91 km)

The Palace of Versailles stands as a monumental testament to the grandeur of French royalty. A maze of opulent rooms, vast gardens, and mesmerizing artistry, Versailles encapsulates the very essence of regal splendor and the ambitions of a kingdom.

Chelles (23.59 km)

In the quiet embrace of the Parisian suburbs, Chelles offers a peaceful retreat with a rich tapestry of history dating back to Merovingian royalty.

CDG Airport (33.56 km)

Charles de Gaulle Airport, a gateway to the globe and France's premier air hub, is your first step into the romantic heart of Paris.

Palace of Fontainebleau (43.8 km)

The Palace of Fontainebleau, a royal residence for over seven centuries, stands as an unparalleled showcase of French history, art, and architecture.

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