Delve into the heart of Istria, where medieval tales come alive and natural wonders beckon. Pazin, the administrative center of Istria County, is a treasure trove of Croatian history, mystique, and stunning landscapes. Read more

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Pazin is a town that has been standing proudly since ancient times, with its existence documented as far back as 983 AD. Dominating the Pazin skyline is the Pazin Castle, also known as Kastel. This fortress, perched precipitously above the Pazinčica River and its gorge, has been a source of inspiration for numerous authors, including the famous Jules Verne in his novel "Mathias Sandorf."
The Pazinčica River, with its dramatic abyss, forms the stunning Pazin Cave (Pazinska Jama), an underground marvel that has carved its way through the limestone, creating a mesmerizing natural phenomenon. Visitors can embark on an adventurous zip line ride over the abyss for a thrilling experience.
The town, with its narrow streets, old houses, and historical landmarks, offers a genuine feel of Istria's rich past. The local ethnographic museum within the castle premises showcases the region's cultural and historical heritage.
Pazin, with its blend of historical intrigue and natural beauty, offers visitors a rich tapestry of experiences, making it a must-visit destination in the heart of Istria.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Pazin

Pazin Cave (Pazinska Jama)

A stunning karst phenomenon where the Pazinčica River disappears into an underground world. Guided tours allow visitors to explore this natural wonder.

Zarečki Krov

A picturesque place near Pazin, known for its large waterfall, natural pool, and ancient mill.

St. Nicholas Church

This 13th-century church boasts beautiful frescoes and holds significant historical importance.

Adventure Park Pazinska Jama

Offering tree-top adventures and activities for adrenaline junkies of all ages.

Istrian De Dignan - Ecomuseum

Get a feel of traditional Istrian life through hands-on experiences and workshops.


A charming old village known for its panoramic views and ancient church.

The Paragliding Tandem Istria

An opportunity to view Pazin's beauty from the skies, soaring like a bird.

Baredine Cave

A fascinating cave system, a short drive from Pazin, showcasing amazing underground sculptures and diverse fauna.

Motodrom Poreč

For those interested in go-karting, this racing track provides an exciting detour.


The ruins of a medieval town, located in Draga Valley, are a testimony to the region's tumultuous past and are perfect for history lovers and photographers.

What else to visit
In and around Pazin

Motovun (13.47 km)

An enchanting hilltop town where the essence of ancient Istria is preserved amidst cobbled streets and panoramic vistas. Overlooking the Mirna River valley, this medieval marvel is an architectural gem and a magnet for cultural enthusiasts.

Hum (15.34 km)

Poreč (26.42 km)

Poreč, perched along the Istrian peninsula's western coast, is a radiant mosaic of ancient Roman streets, pristine beaches, and a lively Adriatic spirit. Dive into its rich history while soaking up the sun.

Rovinj (29.09 km)

Emerging from the Adriatic Sea like a majestic vision of the past, Rovinj is an enchanting town of cobblestone streets, Venetian architecture, and stunning coastal views.

Opatija (30.78 km)

Opatija, an elegant resort on Croatia's Istrian Riviera, is a town of beautiful villas, parks and a long promenade along the sea. Its history as a luxury resort is still evident in its highly sophisticated atmosphere.

Umag (38.62 km)

Nestled on the Adriatic Sea's northwestern coast, Umag is a captivating Croatian town that effortlessly combines historical charm with modern allure.

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