Nestled at the foot of the Alps, Piedmont, or Piemonte in Italian, is a region of Italy that whispers the legacy of a royal past, tempts with its unrivaled culinary treasures, and mesmerizes with its natural alpine beauty. Read more

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Piedmont is a treasure trove for connoisseurs of fine wine and gourmet cuisine, history enthusiasts, and nature lovers. The region, whose name means "at the foot of the mountains," offers a splendid array of vineyard-covered landscapes, elegant cities, and mountainous adventures. It's the birthplace of the Slow Food movement and home to some of Italy’s most prestigious wines, such as Barolo and Barbaresco.
Turin, the regional capital, is a city of refined architecture and culture, characterized by baroque buildings, old cafes, and boulevards lined with palaces of the once-powerful House of Savoy. Here, you can visit the famed Egyptian Museum or the Mole Antonelliana, which soars over the city skyline.
The Langhe area, a part of the Piedmont UNESCO World Heritage site, is an enchanting hilly region filled with vineyards, where you can indulge in wine tasting and truffle hunting, and explore charming medieval towns like Alba and Asti.
For those drawn to the alpine allure, the National Park of Gran Paradiso offers stunning vistas, hiking trails, and wildlife watching opportunities. In winter, the Piedmont Alps become a playground for skiers and snowboarders, with renowned resorts such as Sestriere and Cervinia.
Piedmont, with its varied landscapes from rice paddies to vineyards, from flat plains to towering mountains, offers a diverse array of experiences that cater to a wide range of interests, making it a microcosm of the best Italy has to offer. Whether it's indulging in the richness of Baroque art and architecture, savoring the depths of a glass of Nebbiolo, or embracing the silent majesty of snow-capped peaks, Piedmont invites you to immerse in the beauty and flavors of Italian life.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Piedmont


Famous for its white truffles, Alba hosts an annual truffle fair that attracts foodies from around the globe.

Wine Tours

Visit the vineyards of Barolo and Barbaresco, and enjoy tastings of these wines right where they are produced.

Royal Palace of Turin

Discover the opulent former residence of the Italian monarchy.

The Savoy Residences

A collective UNESCO World Heritage Site, these palaces and elegant hunting lodges dot the region.

Racconigi Castle

Just outside Turin, the castle's grounds are perfect for a scenic stroll.

Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands

Offering stunning landscapes, these islands are a must-see with their grand palaces and gardens.

Hiking and Skiing

The Alps provide countless trails for summer hikes and excellent slopes for winter sports.

Ivrea Carnival

Known for the Battle of the Oranges, this historic carnival is a unique and lively event that reenacts a medieval battle.

Turin Film Festival

Film buffs can enjoy international cinema at one of Italy’s leading film festivals.

What else to visit
In and around Piedmont

Torino (13.54 km)

Turin, the former seat of kings, is an Italian city rich in history and culture, famous for its historic cafes, magnificent palaces and prestigious museums.

Basilica of Superga (19.97 km)

Perched high above Turin, the Basilica of Superga stands as a majestic testimony to faith, art, and history, offering both spiritual solace and breathtaking panoramic views of the Piedmont region.

Asti Cathedral (55.66 km)

In the heart of Piedmont's historic city of Asti stands its majestic Cathedral, a resplendent example of Lombard-Gothic architecture. With its intricate façade and awe-inspiring interiors, it beckons lovers of history and art.

Val d'Isère (61.64 km)

Val d'Isère, cocooned in the embrace of the Tarentaise Valley, stands as an iconic destination for winter sports enthusiasts. This French Alpine wonder marries world-class skiing with the quaint charm of a centuries-old Savoyard village.

Fort Bard (65.32 km)

Within the Aosta Valley, Fort Bard is a majestic sentinel watching over the Alps. More than a fortress, this revitalized structure now stands as a beacon of cultural and historical significance, offering breathtaking vistas and immersive experiences.

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