Portogruaro, often dubbed the "Venetian gem on the mainland," is an elegant town adorned with Gothic palaces, meandering canals, and age-old mills, offering a quaint Venetian charm away from the bustling lagoon city. Read more

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Located in the Veneto region of Italy, Portogruaro feels like a serene echo of Venice, minus the throngs of tourists. Established in the 12th century, the town swiftly grew in significance due to its strategic location on the Lemene River, making it a vital trading post. Portogruaro's historical center is a testament to its prosperous past, showcasing remarkable architectural wonders from Gothic to Renaissance. The Lemene River, which courses through the town, is flanked by ancient mills and provides an enchanting backdrop to the town's picturesque vistas. Beyond its history, Portogruaro today is a vibrant hub, offering local gastronomic delights, bustling markets, and lively festivals.
Portogruaro, with its Venetian elegance, rich history, and vibrant present, is a delightful detour for those looking to experience an authentic Italian town, away from the usual tourist trails.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Portogruaro

Porta San Gottardo

A majestic gateway to the town, this historical arch showcases intricate medieval architecture and once served as a vital defense structure.

Town Hall

An impressive example of Gothic Venetian architecture, the Town Hall, with its pointed arches and mullioned windows, stands as a testament to Portogruaro's grand past.

Mill of Saint Andrea

Located on the Lemene River, this ancient mill provides a scenic spot and is a reminder of the town's medieval industrial activities.

Cathedral of Saint Andrea

A significant religious landmark, this cathedral houses treasured artworks and offers serene spaces for reflection.

The Lemene River

Meandering through the town, the river is lined with historical buildings and ancient mills, providing idyllic views and boat ride opportunities.

Palazzo de Rodis

A splendid example of Renaissance architecture, this palace exhibits a harmonious blend of Venetian and mainland architectural elements.

Portogruaro Market

Held in the town's main square, the market is a vibrant place to sample regional produce, local crafts, and experience the town's pulsating energy.

Archaeological Museum

Dive into the region's history through a collection of artifacts, relics, and informative displays that trace back to ancient times.

Fountain of Saint Andrew

Located in the heart of the town, this artistic fountain, adorned with sculptures, offers a tranquil spot amidst the urban setting.

Villa Comunale

A lush green oasis, this park provides walking trails, serene spots for relaxation, and beautiful vistas of the town's architectural marvels.

What else to visit
In and around Portogruaro

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Basilica di Aquileia (41.4 km)

Amidst the vast plains of northeastern Italy, the ancient town of Aquileia hosts a remarkable testament to early Christian art and architecture: the Basilica di Aquileia.

Udine (44.24 km)

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Treviso (48.47 km)

Whispering tales of medieval romance and Venetian charm, Treviso graces Northern Italy with its canals, frescoed buildings, and serene piazzas. A less-trodden Veneto gem, it offers an authentic Italian experience away from tourist throngs.

Venice (55.45 km)

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