Czech Republic
Prague Airport

Václav Havel Airport Prague, the main international gateway to the Czech Republic, is a modern and highly frequented air hub with a rich history. It offers first-class passenger services and connects Prague to hundreds of destinations around the world. Read more

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Named after former Czech President and symbol of democracy, Václav Havel, Prague Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the Czech Republic. It handles more than 15 million passengers each year and offers scheduled flights to many destinations around the world. The airport is modern and well-equipped, with a wide range of shops, restaurants and services, including free Wi-Fi. Despite its size and importance, passengers feel comfortable here and staff are always on hand to help.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Prague Airport

Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

The main terminals for international flights, offering a wide range of services and shops.

Business Centre

Here you will find many shops, restaurants and cafes.

Airport Museum

A museum that documents the history of civil aviation in the Czech Republic.

View of the runway

An opportunity to watch planes landing and taking off.

VIP lounges

For passengers who want to travel in comfort and luxury.

Children's corner

A fun area for families with children.

Parking garages and car parks

A range of options for long and short term parking.

Public Viewing Area Panorama

A place where visitors can watch the aircraft on the runway and landing strip.

What else to visit
In and around Prague Airport

Lidice Memorial (6.37 km)

The Lidice Memorial serves as a poignant reminder of the darker chapters of human history, commemorating the village of Lidice and its inhabitants who were annihilated by the Nazis during World War II.

Liechteinstein Castle (6.37 km)

Perched atop a wooded hillside near Vienna, a fairy-tale fortress blending medieval architecture with the romantic allure of legends. As one of Austria's most picturesque castles, it captivates visitors with its enchanting setting and rich history.

Prague Castle (9.31 km)

Prague Castle, perched majestically on a hill overlooking the Vltava River, is not only the largest ancient castle in the world but also the heart of Czech cultural and political history. This iconic landmark is a must-visit for its architectural grandeur

Prague ZOO (10.28 km)

Centrum Prague (10.73 km)

Prague's historic center enchants with a timeless allure, where every cobblestone whispers tales of bygone eras, and every corner offers a piece of living history.

Parizska 1073/1 (11.04 km)

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