Praia del Rey

Situated along Portugal's Silver Coast, Praia del Rey is a dream destination for beach lovers and golf enthusiasts alike. With its golden sands, turquoise waters, and world-class golf courses, this resort area offers a luxurious escape from everyday life. Read more

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Visit Praia del Rey in 2024

Praia del Rey stands as one of Portugal's premier luxury resort destinations. This is not just a place for beachgoers to soak up the sun, but also a golfer's paradise featuring some of Europe's finest courses. Situated along the stunning Silver Coast, Praia del Rey offers miles of sandy coastline, where the Atlantic waves beckon surfers, paddle boarders, and beach bums.
The nearby Berlengas Islands offer a perfect day trip for nature lovers and those interested in marine life, accessible by a short boat ride. Moreover, the location is an ideal base to explore the wider region, including nearby Obidos, a charming, walled medieval town.
The resort area itself features a mix of luxury accommodations, ranging from high-end hotels to private villas. Dining options in Praia del Rey are equally diverse, serving up local Portuguese fare as well as international cuisines. The local seafood is a must-try, reflecting the area's coastal character.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Praia del Rey

Praia del Rey Golf Course

A world-renowned golf course offering challenging fairways and stunning ocean views.

Berlengas Islands

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that's perfect for hiking, snorkeling, and enjoying untouched natural beauty.


A medieval town nearby, known for its castle, cobblestone streets, and the famous cherry liqueur, Ginjinha.

Baleal Island

A nearby surfing hotspot, accessible by a narrow roadway from the mainland.

Praia del Rey Beach

The resort's signature beach offering golden sands and excellent conditions for water sports.

Peniche Fort

A historic fort in the nearby town of Peniche that has been turned into a museum.

Cabanas de Viriato Monument

A monument dedicated to the history and culture of the Silver Coast region.

Núcleo Rural Museum

A small museum showcasing the agricultural heritage of the region.

Obidos Lagoon

A tranquil lagoon perfect for paddleboarding, kayaking, or simply enjoying the sunset.

Adventure Park

Offering zip lines, obstacle courses, and other outdoor activities for the entire family.

What else to visit
In and around Praia del Rey

Foz de Arelho (8.36 km)

Where the mighty Óbidos Lagoon kisses the vast Atlantic, Foz de Arelho emerges as a mesmerizing blend of serene waterscapes and rugged coastal beauty, creating Portugal's unique seaside paradise.

Peniche (10.45 km)

"Wave Capital" of Portugal, Peniche is a surfers' paradise where roaring Atlantic waves meet rugged coastlines. This former fishing village offers more than just adrenaline-pumping water sports.

Obidos (11.92 km)

Step into a living storybook as you cross the threshold of Óbidos, a charming, walled medieval town in Portugal's Estremadura region. Encapsulated by ancient fortifications, its cobbled streets and historic architecture transport visitors to another era.

Óbidos (12.89 km)

Óbidos is a town and a municipality in the Oeste region, historical province of Estremadura, and the Leiria district. The town proper has approximately 3100 inhabitants. The municipality population in 2011 was 11,772, in an area of 141.55 square kilomet

Caldas Da Rainha (13.4 km)

Dive into Caldas da Rainha, a city of thermal waters, art, and history, cradled within Portugal's Silver Coast. Renowned for its therapeutic springs and vibrant ceramics, this cultural haven offers a blend of relaxation and inspiration.

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