Rasnov Fortress

Perched atop a rocky hill in the Carpathian Mountains, Râșnov Fortress offers an eagle-eye view of the sprawling lands of Transylvania. A blend of historical architecture and myths, it stands as a testament to medieval Romanian resilience. Read more

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Constructed around the 13th century, Râșnov Fortress was primarily a refuge for locals during times of war. It's no surprise that it was built with defensive measures in mind, from its strategic location to the thick walls that have withstood both battles and the passage of time. Legend says that during a particularly long siege, when the fortress's inhabitants faced water shortage, two Turkish prisoners were put to the task of digging a well in the center of the fortress in exchange for their freedom. It took them 17 years, and the well can still be seen today.
Walking within the fortress's boundaries feels like a journey back in time. The preserved houses, school, chapel, and the mysterious well at the center give a glimpse into the life of the inhabitants during tumultuous times. The fortress also houses a museum exhibiting medieval weaponry, providing deeper insights into its military history.
Râșnov Fortress isn't just an architectural marvel; it's a beacon of the past, telling tales of bravery, strategic warfare, and community life during uncertain times in Romanian history.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Râșnov Fortress

Dino Parc Râșnov

A captivating destination for families and kids, this park boasts life-sized dinosaur replicas amidst lush greenery, taking visitors on a prehistoric journey.

The Time Tunnel

An impressive underground route, it's the longest urban subterranean path in Romania, providing a unique experience beneath the Carpathian Mountains.

Valea Cetății Cave

A mesmerizing natural wonder, this cave showcases stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations, making it a geologist's dream.

Râșnov Evangelical Church

An emblematic Gothic structure in Râșnov, its impressive architecture and the surrounding serene atmosphere offer a moment of tranquillity.

Cristian Fortified Church

A 13th-century Saxon fortified church, it stands as a reminder of the region's rich multicultural heritage.

Caraiman Monastery

Nestled amidst the Bucegi Mountains, its intricate design and backdrop of natural beauty make it a spiritual haven.

Libearty Bear Sanctuary

Located near Zărnești, it's a sanctuary for rescued bears, offering visitors a chance to witness these magnificent creatures in a natural setting.

Piatra Craiului National Park

A paradise for hikers, it's renowned for its biodiversity and scenic trails that navigate through the Carpathian garden.

Bran Castle

Often associated with the Dracula legend, this castle merges history and folklore, drawing visitors into its enthralling narrative.

7 Ladders Canyon

A natural adventure park with stunning waterfalls and wooden ladders, perfect for thrill-seekers.

What else to visit
In and around Rasnov Fortress

Brasov (0.47 km)

Brasov, a gem set in the heart of Romania's Carpathian Mountains, effortlessly combines medieval charm with modern urbanity. As a gateway to Transylvania, its history is mirrored in its cobbled streets, centuries-old buildings, and majestic landscapes.

Bran Castle (11.3 km)

Perched on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia, Bran Castle is infamously dubbed "Dracula's Castle." A symbol of Romanian heritage, it seamlessly combines history, myth, and breathtaking landscapes.

Peles Castle (26.46 km)

Nestled amidst the Carpathian Mountains, Peles Castle stands as a masterwork of Neo-Renaissance architecture. Beyond its fairy-tale façade, the castle unfolds Romania's royal legacy, weaving stories of intrigue, art, and innovation.

Salina Veche Salt Mine (54.31 km)

Delve deep beneath the earth's surface into Salina Veche, a realm of crystalline wonders. Romania's Salina Veche Salt Mine is a marvel, where history and natural beauty converge in the subterranean world.

Pitesti (94.11 km)

Pitești, nestled in Argeș County, presents a unique blend of cultural richness and modern dynamism. This city, standing on the banks of the Argeș River, has evolved over time, boasting an intriguing history and a spirit that charms its visitors.

Cozia Monastery (96.31 km)

Nestled amidst the picturesque Carpathian landscapes, Cozia Monastery stands as a testament to Romania's rich spiritual and architectural heritage, inviting explorers to experience serenity and history hand in hand.

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